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The era of e-books and audiobooks

With technology being so prevalent in today’s society, it is only natural that new methods have been made to support the reader. Instead of the traditional hardback novels sold in bookstores, …

Black Friday: behind the scenes

When Black Friday rolls around, the one thing on every dedicated shopper’s mind is the myriad of bargains behind nearly every automatic sliding door. The odd, yet widely accepted post-Thanksgiving tradition is riddled with the essence of modern-day consumerism. 

Veteran Profile: Austin Cox

Austin Cox reflects on his first Veterans Day since serving in the Marines. Video by Alan Vira...

Veteran Profile: Norm Webb

Norm Webb remembers moments from his past with the U.S. Army. Video by Alan Viramontes and Zac Ve...

Veteran Profile: Staff Sergeant Andrew Holt Frazier

Staff Sergeant Andrew Holt Frazier is a 28-year-old Army veteran and student at NAU. Frazier serv...

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November 19, 2015 - The Lumberjack