Easter Egg Hunt at Ponderosa Park April 20, 2019. An egg hunt for local families out at the park for Easter weekend.

Participants of the Flagstaff Ukulele Jam play and sing in tandem at the Flagstaff Ukulele Jam at the Joe C Montoya Community and Senior Center April 10, 2019. The group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Blue meth, plenty of death and relationships wrecked. It's everything we loved about "Breaking Bad." "El Camino" brings the Emmy Award-winning series the closure it needed.

Pumpkins are a traditional part of the fall season. Whether a person is carving them or painting them, it is an iconic part of the winter season. The Student Philanthropy Council had a pumpkin painting contest Friday to raise funds for their scholarships.

It can feel restricting to be a college student without a car. Feeling stuck in one city is not always a good feeling, but some NAU students benefit from being carless.

Latinx Heritage Month started Sept. 15 and runs until Oct. 15. NAU is hosting multiple events throughout the month that celebrates the culture for every student to enjoy.

Crystals have exploded in pop culture. However, their uses extend far beyond fashion trends and birthstones.


Absolutely Crucial is a local band in Flagstaff consisting of a family and a few close friends. Saturday, they performed at the Firecreek Coffee Company.

The Golden Hive is a shop that uses natural ingredients sourced locally to create candles and other products. Come inside and shop around, maybe you'll even learn something.

He's the king of YouTube — he's been making videos since 2008, from sit down reviews to skits behind the camera. Shane Dawson's new content is beautifully produced, edited and filmed. What is he doing a series on this time?

Corey Kilgannon aspires to connect with his audience through strong lyrics. The artist played at Aloha Hawaiian BBQ, bringing his folk sound to Flagstaff.

From passing out turkeys for Thanksgiving to trash cleanups, GIVE NAU does what they can to give back to the city of Flagstaff.

Indigenous NAU students implement sustainability practices on and off campus through teaching children and changing their own lifestyles.

Many people see plastic bags as an annoyance. Rather than throwing them away, National Residence Hall Honorary is turning them into mats for Flagstaff's less fortunate.

The Out of the Darkness Walk raised awareness of the high percentage of suicide in Flagstaff and the U.S. #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealth #STOPSUICIDE #AFSP #outofthedarkness #flagstaff #youarenotalone

It can be very easy to simply toss out unwanted food after an unfinished meal. Instead of this lazy tactic, NAU finds eco-friendly purpose and use in these scraps.

Never fear new vegan — Flagstaff has a number of stellar options for a meatless night out, and some of them aren't even that pricey.


Do you always end up killing your plants no matter how hard you try? Here's some tips to stop being a plant murdered.

Boba: Squishy black tapioca balls. Maybe this isn't a common beverage accessory to you, but to some of us, the search in Flagstaff is endless. Do you dare to give it a shot?

Times can get hard but when they do, NAMI NAU has ways to make them better. Throughout the school year, they host events and groups to help students discuss their mental health.

For tradition or for fun, henna and threading shops in Flagstaff give the town an opportunity to show off their heritage or decorate their body.

Time is running out, walls are caving in and sweat is dripping. Will they escape? Who will fold under pressure?


Music and a cappella are what brought this group together. Now the members of @NAUHighlanders are more like brothers.

The Flagstaff Farmers Market is a tradition in downtown Flagstaff this time of year, and participating vendors prove that farming has always been “roots deep” for their families.