NAU homecoming week is full of different events. The carnival and bon fire are just two examples of things happening on campus.

Staying up all night to finish an assignment is nothing new for an NAU student, but how about producing an entire theater performance? Learn how NAU theater students did just that at this year's annual Helluva Time 24 Hour Theatre event.

The Model U.N. Club at NAU is an academic club that helps its members learn about the practices of the U.N. Members expressed their thoughts on the celebration of International Day of Peace.

Fans of #TeamEdward can finally enjoy Edward Cullen’s perspective of his relationship with Bella Swan. While “Twilight” fans know the plot, this story includes details about Edward’s life that add more to his character. 

NAU students and faculty speak openly on how fellow Lumberjacks can help get involved during Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week, as well as provide mental health resources that are on campus. 

Empowering the thoughts of students is a key goal for the Associated Students for Intersectional Feminism. While focusing on current issues, the club allows students to speak their minds together.

NAU students and community members describe their thoughts on the events of 2020 and how they have spoken out to be heard by others.

@NAUYoungDems uses their platform and voice to spread awareness on politically important matters within the Flagstaff community and on a larger scale.  

The tragic death of @chadwickboseman reminded everyone that the actor was much more than a fictional comic book superhero. His generous acts and constant work in films while battling colon cancer made him a real-life superhero.

It has been nearly six years since the iconic video game #FarCry4 was released. Recently, the highly anticipated Far Cry 6 received its first trailer, and it had fans like myself eager to revisit some of Ubisoft’s greatest accomplishments.

The NAU Body Positivity Club is a new club looking to make an impact on one’s body image.  No matter what negative thoughts one may have about oneself, this club encourages positivity for all.

The gaming industry has made peoples’ lives easier by allowing them to interact with others farther away. Given the circumstances, gaming is also connecting people during the pandemic.

The night skies Flagstaff has to offer create perfect opportunities for anyone to begin stargazing, which can be an outlet for those looking for a way to destress.

Local businesses have obviously been hit hard by the pandemic. While some businesses have closed indefinitely, one local shop stays open for customers to come and enjoy. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Orpheum Theater (@OrpheumFlagstaff) has made major changes to make sure it’s able to reopen its doors to the Flagstaff community again.

Finding housing can be a challenge for freshmen and returning NAU students. With the complications created by the pandemic, some students’ living situations have changed completely.

On-campus events are a major part of NAU. However, it's currently unclear if they will happen this semester. If they do, students have opinions on how they should take place.

This is it: the fourth and final installment of "Quarantunes." Featuring new hits from @JColeNC, @beabad00bee and @ASAPferg, here are five of July's hottest tracks to soundtrack the end of your summer.

Taylor Swift's surprise eighth album #folklore is out, and it is gorgeous. We have never seen this side of her songwriting, the dark side of her notebook. Filled with stories of funerals, widows, broken relationships and sadness, this is an album we have never seen before from Swift.

.@disneyplus released the live filmed production of @Lin_Manuel Miranda's musical, "Hamilton" (@HamiltonMusical) on July 3 and it has truly become a must-see for many.

Last month, I ventured into the wizarding world of Harry Potter for the very first time, as a 20-year-old woman. Exciting and strange, the journey was one of both skepticism and joy.

Including five of the hottest tracks from late May and June, this is the third "Quarantunes," a series spotlighting the best tracks of the 2020 summer.

.@Naughty_Dog recently released Last of Us Part II, a flawless sequel, better than its predecessor. If you're sifting through reviews to choose whether or not to purchase this video game, let this one be the decider.

Are viral TikTok recipes really trend-worthy? Here’s a review of some of the most famous foods made on the app.