NAU homecoming week is full of different events. The carnival and bon fire are just two examples of things happening on campus.

Staying up all night to finish an assignment is nothing new for an NAU student, but how about producing an entire theater performance? Learn how NAU theater students did just that at this year's annual Helluva Time 24 Hour Theatre event.

If you have been around town, chances are you have seen some of the locally owned salons and barbershops. Some were willing to talk about their history and what led to their current state.

"The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show" on Amazon Prime was campy, fun and weird rolled in candy cane bits, and colorful sprinkles.

Some individuals reflect on their reasons and stories behind moving to college far from their hometown.

The Flagstaff community may seem small, but for kids from small towns, Flagstaff is the largest they've lived in. Moving here can cause a culture shock for some students.

One of Flagstaff's local game stores, The Geekery, holds more than just a magic trick up its sleeve. Check them out on Facebook at WeAreTheGeekery.

Biking on icy roads can be scary. However, there are ways to minimize potential hazards and the amount of money spent on repairs.

Whether you like Little Caesars or not, you have to admit it is the epitome of what pizza should be: gooey, greasy and cheesy. Here's why it's the best and worst pizza in America.

Veterans Flag Tribute is an event that honors veterans in the community. This year was the fourth annual event, and NAU was honored as a Purple Heart University.

One of the most popular video games in the world, League of Legends, turned 10 years old Oct. 15. Developers and the gaming community celebrated, and some students shared their stories about the game.

Getting little sleep in college is common for many students. Normalizing a lack of sleep becomes a problem when it starts to affect the mental and physical health of students.

"Frail State of Mind" is delicately beautiful. @the1975 frontman @Truman_Black calls it the band's "global anxiety attack," and it might be one of the most impactful songs you hear in 2019.

Honoring the dead may seem eerie, but Flagstaff's Nuestras Raíces group shares what Day of the Dead is all about.

#Inktober2019 is an internet trend that pushes artists to create. @jackcentral's own illustrators weigh in.

As different cultures grow, different beliefs form. The same can be said about how each culture deals with the dead.

From dark magic to beasts, anything can happen on the reservation. NAU students talk about their scariest experiences on the Navajo reservation.

NAU homecoming week is full of different events. The carnival and bon fire are just two examples of things happening on campus.

Skincare is important year-round, but the winter can take a toll on a person's skin. With colder weather approaching, the skin dries and causes cracking without proper care.

Hulu released an eight-episode first season of "Looking for Alaska" Oct. 18, even though the book was released in 2005. Witty and beautifully filmed with intriguing characters, the new series brings back memories of my John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" phase.

Taiko drumming is a storied tradition and artform. Flagstaff is home to Random Impulse, a group with a story of their own.


Have you always wanted to create a DIY project? Board & Brush Creative Studio allows people to make DIY projects they'll always remember.

The Battle of the Bands event brought alternative music lovers together to hear unique bands perform.