NAU homecoming week is full of different events. The carnival and bon fire are just two examples of things happening on campus.

Staying up all night to finish an assignment is nothing new for an NAU student, but how about producing an entire theater performance? Learn how NAU theater students did just that at this year's annual Helluva Time 24 Hour Theatre event.

As chaotic as 2020 was, quarantining allowed artists to produce some of the best music we’ve heard in a long time. From pop to folk, here are the best albums from one of the worst years.

Shoppers and store employees alike are concerned over the large amount of holiday shopping around the corner. This is how businesses plan to keep everyone safe. 

NAU faculty and students remind one another about the importance of voting, especially regarding subjects like sustainability.

The 2020 election honors the 100-year anniversary of the female vote with women-led social justice and political movements.

NAU students share their thoughts and opinions about voting for the first time and the possibility of a dramatic administration change.

REVIEW: @ArianaGrande surprised fans Oct. 30 with the release of her sixth album, “Positions.” While singing about the intimacy in her love life, Grande’s vocals are outstanding on each track.

The video game Among Us has created a swarm of supporters and players these last few weeks. Let’s take a look into what NAU students and NAUEsports members have to say about it!

Members of the NAU College Republicans (@republicans_nau) share what it’s like to be involved in a political club and what they do.

Students are responding to the pandemic by turning essential protective gear into self-expressive, political and colorful fashion statements.

REVIEW: “Savage Mode II” is finally here, and @21savage and @MetroBoomin didn’t let his fans down. The rapper’s highly anticipated third LP did not live up to expectation, nonetheless, it was a pleasant album to digest.