Easter Egg Hunt at Ponderosa Park April 20, 2019. An egg hunt for local families out at the park for Easter weekend.

Participants of the Flagstaff Ukulele Jam play and sing in tandem at the Flagstaff Ukulele Jam at the Joe C Montoya Community and Senior Center April 10, 2019. The group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.


A review of local skate parks for all wheels and skill sets to enjoy a summer of skating.

The Beatles' eleventh and penultimate album, "Abbey Road" celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

Tyler, the Creator's latest LP is an introspective extension of the lessons learned on Flower Boy.

Living on a budget can be difficult, but residents suggest looking at the strategy as a means to achieve happiness to make the process more enjoyable.

Young people have recently shown an increased interest in human rights activism. Many are looking for ways to get hands-on involvement with ending the devastations they have become far too familiar with.

With graduation coming up in May, many seniors at NAU are awaiting their respective commencement ceremonies. A variety of them include first-generation students who are waiting to receive their diploma after years of hard work.

The idea of stepping into the real world can scare students because of the long journeys that await them ahead. What students might not know is that the people who got them through college had long journeys of their own.

Sororities around campus prepare to send their seniors off into the world, but not without a proper celebration. Members of Tri Delta, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi share how they say goodbye to their graduating sisters.

Graduation season means the job hunt is on. Career developers and employers have their own do's and don'ts that can give recent graduates an edge on the competition.


With April showers in Flagstaff, a season of full bloom at The Arboretum at Flagstaff begins. Locals are encouraged to come see what the the new season has to offer.


The eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" is here. Whether you are following the story of the Starks, the ups and downs of the Lannister family, the rise of Daenerys Targaryen or whatever happens next with the White Walkers, "Game of Thrones" can be an exciting adventure for many viewers.


A lack of representation can lead to a lack of participation, so the Women's Climbing program provides a fun experience for the women of NAU to learn and create bonds within the climbing community.

Death Cab for Cutie headlined the ASNAU Spring 2019 Concert April 18, 2019 at Walkup Skydome.

Students may have taken notice of the skateboarders at the central campus, but do you wonder why they gather there? Come see what makes this skate spot so popular.


The spring season will be summer in no time and drive more people's desire to be outdoors. Know the ins and outs of hiking, backpacking, camping and rock climbing in Flagstaff, while also being safe.

NAU HAPA Hawaiian Club hosted their 14th annual Lū'au. See what makes this event so special to club members and why some parents will travel from Hawaii to see their children perform.

The act of consuming or smoking weed can truly distort one's thinking. Check out some stories individuals have had that put them in a tight spot due to smoking grass.


Society's opinions and laws on weed have certainly changed over time but many still pose the question: is it for a healthy use or drug abuse?


Around NAU's campus, some students use marijuana in their dorms for many reasons, but they may not be aware of the consequences from their Resident Assistants or law enforcement. Even though marijuana is against NAU policy, some will continue to use it regardless.

Marijuana has always been popular but is becoming more accepted at a variety of events, like at festival and concert atmospheres. Of course, there are dos and don'ts and ways to become a better smoker.

All around NAU, students are expressing themselves through the clothes of their own culture and of others. They dress themselves in the clothing that represents anything from religion, ethnic backgrounds and even modern pop culture. Nonetheless, students continue to show who they are through their style.

A new band to look out for will be in Flagstaff this month. Their Americana music has bluegrass and hip-hop influences. Two of their band members play the fiddle and mandolin in harmony. Check them out at the Orpheum April 13 at 8 p.m.

Editors at The Lumberjack participated in a trial run of the new Starship food delivery service. Here are our personal reviews of the new service available at NAU.


NAU's sister theater for improv is booming with young talent, humor and opportunities. Students have never been as happy to unleash their wildest talents as well as getting the chance to showcase in California.


There are groups that focus on environmental issues that are diverse, however, the members themselves are not. Several people are taking the initiative to create changes within clubs beyond their level of sustainability.

The metalcore band I Prevail released their 10-month project titled "TRAUMA" on Friday. Despite being just their third studio album, there is a lot of great things that are in this record. Come check out what makes this album stand out.


While some students go to Cline for homework and studying, others go to watch some classic films. Since 2004, the College of Arts and Letters has been putting on films for the general public that has a unique style of moviegoing experience. Come see what this film series has to offer.

Some people welcome reboots of popular television shows and movies from their childhood while others beg for originality and for filmmakers to stop being lazy.

School supplies have always had one job of assisting students in their academics. As students progressed in their schooling, their supplies did as well. See how some supplies have impacted students for the better or for the worse.

NAU Exposed is a contest designed to allow photography students the chance to display their work and win amazing prizes. Many photographers were featured, but only three could take home the top prizes. Here is what the three winners have to say about their work.

Many college students grew up listening to bands like The Strokes and Vampire Weekend. The only thing more exciting than new music is new music from these artists. Here are 2019's musical comebacks.


Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself how you can give back and benefit the community you are apart of? The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (@GCWolfRecovery), The Literacy Center of Coconino County (@ThinkLiteracy), Sunshine Rescue Mission and many more local organizations are always looking for an extra hand to help give back to the community.


The Viola Awards ceremony highlights individuals who have made big strides in Flagstaff in the arts and sciences. Take a look at how the awards make an impact in the arts and science community.

Professors often do more than just teach and what's outlined in their pay grade. Some aid in providing clothing, emotional support and other means of help to students. One particular group that does this is limited because they only make up 1 percent of NAU's population.

So far this year, there have only been two snow days at NAU, while surrounding schools have had many more. Some students are starting to take notice and raise concerns as the snow continues to fall.


Considering getting a tattoo or piercing? As long as you aren't afraid of needles, here's what you need to know before adding permanent art to your body's canvas.

On television, we see the student section have faces painted and school colors across the screen as they root for the home team. But, does this idea translate to NAU? Find out what staff and students feel about the Lumberjack spirit.


Flagstaff is full of local eateries that serve cuisines of all types. Whether it's locally sourced food, cheap prices or even large portions, there are no shortages of places to eat.

Progressive metal rock band Dream Theater has been around for decades and continue to make music that die-hard fans can still enjoy. Find out what their new album has that makes it new and refreshing, and what to avoid before listening.

Northern Arizona Merchandising Association (NAMA) has a passion for fashion and are keeping busy by planning for their spring fashion show.