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Illustration by Madison Cohen

Campus Dining unveiled their newest on-campus destination last week: Burger Confusion. It’s located where Denny’s was at the back of University Union in between G’s New York Style Deli and Chick-fil-A.

Burger Confusion’s menu consists of nine gourmet burgers that include a breakfast burger, a Monterey Jack burger, as well as your basic cheeseburger. The restaurant also has a wide variety of fry and milkshake options.

Upon first hearing about the new restaurant, I was excited, especially since the only other places on campus to get a burger are the Hotspot and the DüB Dining District. On Sept. 4, my roommate and I made our way to the Union. When we arrived, there were only two other people waiting in line ahead of us. The ordering process went on without a hitch as we ordered our burgers, fries and milkshakes before heading back to our apartment. However, all that excitement quickly turned into disappointment once I took my first bite.

For starters, I ordered the teriyaki burger, which is supposed to be topped with grilled pineapple, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes and teriyaki sauce. It came with everything except the pineapple, and the onions were purple, not green. At first, I was willing to give that a pass since they might have been out of the ingredient, but I would’ve liked to have known if they were. However, when I bit into the burger, it was pink. No, not your usual rare; it was raw, just simply seared on the outside. My roommate’s burger was also pink, but more medium-rare. No customer should have to microwave their burger to cook it once they’ve paid $8. 

The Oreo milkshake was good, although I found it to be a little watery. However, the fries were as hard as a rock and I felt like I could’ve gone and bought a bag of potato chips at The Wedge and it would’ve had the same effect.

While I don’t know what error was made by the multiple cooks behind the counter, I expected a bit more from Burger Confusion, especially since Campus Dining has been promoting it on social media. I get that it’s Burger Confusion’s first week on campus and it’s still trying to find its footing, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but making sure the food the restaurant is giving its customers is cooked is the most important part of the job. I’m lucky I noticed my food wasn’t cooked and decided to finish cooking it myself, but another student won’t have the same opportunity if they’re in between classes and want to quickly grab something to eat.

As the semester continues at full speed, let’s hope Burger Confusion comes out of their disorientation and provides students with quality food they can enjoy. When that moment comes, I’ll be willing to give them another try to redeem themselves.

Rating: 4/10