B Words

While there are many amazing coffee shops in downtown Flagstaff, a new place in town has stolen my heart. Java Juice Cafe, not to be confused with Jamba Juice, is a new cafe next to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange on South Riordan Ranch Street. They have teas, coffees, boba drinks, crepes, smoothies, ice cream and more. If you have a sweet tooth, this place won’t disappoint. On top of the amazing drinks and desserts, the staff is also friendly, and the shop is incredibly close to campus as well.

When I first walked into Java Juice, it reminded me a lot of home. I was really craving a smoothie and didn’t feel like heading to north campus for Jamba Juice, so my boyfriend and I headed toward Milton Road in search of a new place to try.

Back in Phoenix, we would go to a place called Snoh Ice Shavery all the time and would get boba. I would specifically get a Thai tea slushie with tapioca boba. What I really enjoy about Java Juice’s boba is that they not only have the black tapioca balls, but they also have the popping juice flavored ones as well for those who aren’t ready to fully commit to the boba lifestyle.

When you walk into Java, it is small but lively and usually filled with people enjoying their drinks or smiling behind the counter, ready to make whatever you desire. Their menu feels almost endless as you stand in front of the barista, trying to decide what you could possibly want to order. I’d definitely consider looking at their online menu before going in, or at least before you’re at the front of the line, because there are so many amazing options, from coffee drinks to fruity crepes. I honestly couldn’t decide what I wanted more, but I thought I might as well try my classic order to make sure they’re on the level I need them to be whenever I’m having a Thai tea craving.

So, I ordered my favorite bright orange drink, and they even had the option to make it a slushie, which completely excited me. I’m always the type of gal to order a frozen beverage before an iced one, because I sip iced drinks way too fast that it isn’t even worth the money to me.

I waited for my drink to be made and sat at the bar along the wall. Even with a small crowd, my drink was made quickly and handed off to me immediately. I took my first sip and was delighted. It was super flavorful and didn’t seem watered down like some Thai teas I have had in the past, and the boba was not overcooked either. It tasted great overall, but I’d recommend anyone who shares my favorite drink to grab a napkin, because Thai teas have a nasty habit of making your teeth orange like Halloween pumpkins, unless that’s what you’re going for, since October is right around the corner.