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Illustration by Madison Cohen

As I’ve found myself reading more this year, I was more than excited to find out “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer would be releasing a new book. “Midnight Sun” begins the same way “Twilight” does, but Edward Cullen is now the narrator. I’ve always loved Edward’s character, and I was looking forward to hearing his side about his relationship with Bella Swan. 

The story begins with Edward going through his routine at Forks High School in Washington state. Nothing about school is exciting for Edward because he’s been to high school many times before. After all, he is a vampire, over 100 years old and stuck in the body of a teenager, so I can imagine how terrible repeating high school is. 

Since Edward’s gift as a vampire is reading minds, he can hear students talking about the new girl, Bella. At first, Edward and his family of vampires aren’t excited about a new girl. When Bella walks into the same biology class as Edward, he is shocked by the smell of her blood. He finds himself thinking violent thoughts about killing Bella in order to get a taste of the blood. 

Edward finally controls his thoughts about hurting her as each day passes, and he finds himself falling in love with Bella. I love Edward, but I never understood why he loved Bella so much. Her character even managed to annoy me when Edward would confess his love for her throughout the book. 

I also found myself feeling bad for Edward because he was always bringing himself down by saying that he was the worst thing that could ever happen to Bella. His narrations described how he is a disgusting creature who is not worthy of loving a human like her. I felt sad reading his thoughts because Edward was way too harsh on himself. He repeats these ideas throughout many parts in the book, and I was a bit annoyed hearing the same details from him. 

My favorite part of the book is the scene where Edward saves Bella while she is shopping with her friends in Port Angeles, Washington. Bella, being reckless, leaves her friends and goes to a bookstore at night. The town is unfamiliar to her, and Bella gets lost when a group of creepy men start approaching her. As she is freaking out, Edward magically appears to save her. 

This scene is one of my favorites because it starts showing the development of their relationship and we get to see Bella slowly realize that Edward is a vampire. Reading Edward’s perspective of this scene made me more excited to see how the story would evolve in his mind. 

Although some of Meyer’s writing bored me in this book, I’m glad fans finally got to read something from Edward’s perspective. I enjoyed getting to learn more about him and how his life as a vampire changed over time. 

Rating: 7/10