Selena Gomez

Revival album cover

Selena Gomez’s new album Revival dropped Oct. 9 and made waves in the music industry. This album is the first one under a new label, Interscope and Polydor, and also the very first time Gomez is breaking out of her Disney Channel shell.

I was skeptical about this album because of Gomez’s previous albums, which were usually adorned with sickly sweet pop sounds and generic lyrics that are constantly played on the radio.

However, I was very surprised after listening through the album. Gomez seems to have found her voice. Her songs are more about confidence and have themes about love, heartbreak and self-empowerment.

Her album takes a turn from formulated pop to something sultrier and has some elements of EDM. Gomez’s new sound is something that I enjoy and find almost addicting to listen to.

The very first song goes along with the theme of being reborn, correlating with the album title. With a little monologue beginning, Gomez opens her album with a song that conveys her new attitude towards herself and how she has changed from who she was in the past.

Lyrics like “the chains around me are finally breaking” and “what shattered through me like a rifle was a revival” illustrate how Gomez has been going through a metamorphosis.

“Revival” sets the tone for the album while at the same time having a contagious beat and lyrics.

The third song of the album, “Hands to Myself,” has that sultry element and is very sassy. The beat along with the lyrics makes it a great song to get ready to for a night out.

Gomez says towards the end of the song, “can’t keep my hands to myself/I mean I could but why would I want to,” which is a perfect representation of her confidence in this album.

Gomez’s most popular single off this album is “Good for You.” Although it has been played many times, the song still holds its appeal.

In a collaboration with A$AP Rocky, “Good For You” becomes a song that adds dimension to Gomez’s album by incorporating rap and hip-hop elements to the song. Not only are Gomez’s songs extremely good, her singing abilities have improved also.

The quality of her voice is stronger and slightly breathy. This album definitely showcases her as an improved vocalist with music that goes well with her voice.

I am happy with Revival and I can’t stop listening to it. It has a well-balanced mix of fast and slow songs. It is an album that can be listened to anywhere — with or without friends, in a car or in a room getting ready or even just doing homework.