Can you escape the space?

At Flagstaff Escape Space, participants are challenged to escape their room in 60 minutes or less. Each room features a unique theme and set of riddles, clues and mind-bending puzzles that must be solved in order to free yourself from the room.

Flagstaff Escape Space offers a mentally challenging game that is both social and fun. They offer three different escape rooms that are rated the best in Flagstaff, according to their website.

An escape room is a game where the players pick a room theme and are given a scenario with a limited amount of time to put the clues together and solve whatever challenge is given to escape the room before the buzzer sounds.

The first room Flagstaff Escape Space offers is called Saloon 66. The room is styled as if it were in the historic wild west, and the players are outlaws who break into the saloon and accidentally lock themselves in. They have one hour to get everyone out before the Sheriff arrives. The western themed room has a 7/10 difficulty rating.

The second room they offer is called Jailbreak. A neighbor has been murdered, and the players, as well as the others on the block, are taken in for questioning. Once they are detained, the guard goes on break, and everyone has one hour to get out of the jail, break into the forensic lab and find out who the murderer is.

The last space offered is called Trophy Quest. The scenario takes place in an NAU locker room at a soccer game. It's the annual Big Sky Conference Championship, and somehow the trophy disappears. The players have one hour to search the locker room and find it. This one is rated at an 8/10 difficulty.

On the company's website, a brief background of the owners and how Flagstaff Escape Space came about is given. The owners are a married couple, Molly and Eric Greenwald, who show a lot of enthusiasm for their business. Molly got inspiration to open up her own escape room after going to one with her mother on a trip. She thought locals needed to get away from phones, computers and a boring, day-to-day life. A few months later, Molly said she had the idea to build Flagstaff Escape Space.

“We’ve been open for two years,” Molly said. “We brought it to Flagstaff because we wanted something fun for people to do who can’t go to the bars.”

The Escape Space is within walking distance of the NAU campus and is located on South Milton Road. The Greenwalds create all the rooms themselves and will be coming out with a festive Halloween room in the near future, as well as a Christmas themed room for this upcoming winter. They both share a passion for finding the fun in life's challenges and wanted to bring escape rooms to the community.

Not only is the escape room experience fun for the players, but the workers enjoy it as well.

“I love working here, it’s so much fun to watch the rooms happening and then having to put it back together when it’s a complete mess,” employee Karly Martinez said.

With 28 total reviews and a five-star rating on Yelp, Flagstaff Escape Space has built a positive reputation among the community, and in turn has become a popular pastime within the NAU student body. Sophomore Grace Wangler said she enjoys going to the escape space with her friends because it brings them together.

“It’s so much fun to go with a bunch of your friends,” Wangler said. “It is definitely challenging, but in a good way, and feels very rewarding when you solve it before the time runs out. We got really close to the end of the hour, but that's when the adrenaline kicked in.”

Flagstaff Escape Space gives Flagstaff residents the opportunity to chase the challenge and solve puzzles while trying to escape tricky rooms. An hour in one of the rooms can be reserved for $29 on the company's website.