Drop of the Week: "Happiness Begins"

Growing up, I was — and I cannot stress this enough — obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. My sister and I spent hours memorizing the lyrics and having the most unadulterated fun there is. I spent the entirety of elementary school drooling over these boys, in a constant struggle of whether or not I loved Joe or Nick more.

As the Jonas Brothers began to fade out of the mainstream, I naturally outgrew them. I didn’t pay much attention to their solo careers and side projects, only receiving bits and pieces of news when one of the brothers got married or had a kid. However, given our history, I cannot sleep on The Jonas Brothers’ comeback.

June 7, The Jonas Brothers released their fifth studio album, “Happiness Begins” — their first album since 2009. The much-awaited comeback is a pop album perfectly fit for summer and in some ways, reminiscent of the old Jonas Brothers, only this time, less virginal and more married.

The second track on the album, “Cool,” references their past fame by throwing in the infamous “red dress” from their 2008 hit, “Burnin’ Up.” Joe throws in a sly nod to his wife, Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark saying, “Sittin’ there, winnin’ like it’s Game of Thrones.”

The Jonas Brothers have a sense of humor and are able to reference their childhood fame and decade-long absence while showing the audience that they’re grown-ups now. They have broken from the chains of controlling producers and record companies and are able to do things their way.

In the height of their fame, the Jonas Brothers were bound within public perception by their innocent front. They wore promise rings and were sweet, straight-edge boys. Only after they disbanded did they come forward and said it was all for show, manufactured by their managers.

With all three brothers married and settled, they’re able to return to the fun of what made the Jonas Brothers an international phenomenon all those years ago. They sound happy, as if they’re finally free.

The Jonas Brothers have always looked like they love what they do, not to mention each other. This sibling comradery brought me and my sisters together and was truly a source of love and joy for me as a third grader. Now, they can bask in that brotherly love on their own terms.

All the tracks on the album sort of blend into one-another. The album as a whole carries a “vibe,” if you will, that I would call Westernized Calypso. It’s easy to sway too, something you could listen to on a yacht. It’s a true summer pop album.

The Jonas Brothers no longer fit into my personal musical wheelhouse, but I can appreciate good pop when I hear it. Mark my words, this album will be inescapable until September. Luckily, it bops.