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Illustration by Madison Cohen

Throughout history, women have shown they can make their mark on the world in many ways, and music is just one example. Female musicians have shown they can create a positive impact in the lives of their fans. Here are five awesome albums by women to listen to whenever you need encouragement, advice or songs to jam out to.

5. “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” — The Aces

While opening for 5 Seconds of Summer in 2018, The Aces performed their catchy indie-pop music at each show. During the tour, The Aces performed music from their debut album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic." One of the singles, “Last One,” is about letting go of a tough relationship. This empowering single showed their fans that even though they may be struggling in a relationship, it’s OK to let go and put yourself first.

4. “Back to Black” — Amy Winehouse

No songs in this album fail to highlight the beautiful, deep and smooth voice Amy Winehouse had. In "Back to Black," Winehouse sang about the experiences that one might encounter in a relationship. “Tears Dry on Their Own” discusses a heartbreak after a failed relationship. Even though the song is about heartbreak, the upbeat vibe of the song makes you want to dance along to it. This song could have easily been a ballad, but Winehouse wrote it as a song similar to music from the ’50s. Winehouse’s music is definitely something to listen to when you need an upbeat song or a ballad.

3. “Ctrl” —SZA

This is the ultimate album to listen to when you need to hear uplifting music. Featuring Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and others, SZA expresses many feelings through this album. One of its singles, “Broken Clocks,” always stands out to me. In this song, SZA sings about how she struggles to maintain her romantic life along with her work life. Even though she’s struggling to balance both, it shows that women can be independent with or without a relationship.

2. “Norman F*****g Rockwell!” — Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s sixth album comes packed with emotional lyrics in each track. This isn’t out of the ordinary for her though, as her songs always hit the listener with an array of emotional punches. One of the most intense tracks on this album is “Happiness is a butterfly.” Despite the happy title, she sings about feeling like she doesn’t matter in the relationship she’s in. This song describes the complicated emotions one might feel in a similar situation.

1. “thank u, next” — Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a musician that defines female empowerment. Grande released her moving album “thank u, next” within six months of her previous album, “Sweetener.” In “thank u, next” Grande’s tracks range from emotional, slow tracks like “imagine” to catchy pop songs like the album's title track. Her music on this project is a go-to whenever you need inspirational music.