Healing becomes crystal clear

Illustration by Dominic Davies

With crystals in an array of colors greeting customers when they walk in, Crystal Magic in downtown Flagstaff has a huge selection of crystals, tarot cards and other items for spiritual healing.

Sales associate Emily Johnson started working at Crystal Magic because she was interested in alternative health and wanted a meaningful job. Johnson also pursues a career in massage therapy and said crystal therapy can supplement the practice by promoting emotional healing combined with physical recovery.

Johnson said using crystals does not provide her with immediate and physical healing in her practice. She said she uses crystals more as a mental reminder of what she wants to accomplish and what actions will promote that goal.

For example, she will keep an amethyst near as a visual reminder that her mental health should be a priority. Johnson said she also uses other crystals to promote certain emotions and to stimulate healing.

“I’m not going to place an amethyst on my forehead and expect a cure,” Johnson said. “Combining this practice with other methods of healing can foster an effect, and I think that’s what some people misconstrue.”

Johnson said she enjoys educating customers on the benefits of crystals and recommending different types for specific problems. She said she especially enjoys conversations with people who are skeptical about the practice.

“This is more of a healing and self-help kind of environment that is open to all,” Johnson said. “I love when people come in and ask questions, and they open up to the idea.”

Sales associate Annie Wilson has a background in geology. She said she was naturally drawn to crystals and their metaphysical properties. She also found it interesting that the benefits of using crystals aren’t entirely based in science.

Wilson said she uses crystals outside of the workplace and incorporates them into her daily routines. To increase circulation, she uses rose quartz and jade rollers in her skincare routine and she also utilizes salt lamps for comfort in her home. Wilson said crystals can be used in color therapy, because people can look at a crystal, and its color will invoke a certain emotion, which can be helpful for the mind.

Although crystals may not seem practical to all people, Wilson said they are used outside of spirituality. Quartz is used inside watches to keep time, and she said that is evidence crystals have legitimate benefits and uses in the real world.

Wilson said anyone can utilize crystals and their benefits regardless of how much knowledge they have, because the employees are always willing to teach. She said Crystal Magic is an inclusive space that offers products that appeal to Christianity, Judaism and other religions and belief systems.

“The use of crystals is much less intimidating than people think,” Wilson said. “They are a gentle and accessible form of supplementary treatment that does not have side effects and can be used to treat many things.”

Flagstaff resident Derrick Hudson uses crystals in a more casual way. Hudson said he was first introduced to them by a gift from a friend. He started incorporating them into his daily life to support his mental health.

Hudson carries a heart-shaped opal with him at all times, because it comforts him wherever he goes. He also has an amethyst geode, a rock with a crystal formation inside, in his room. He said it makes him feel calmer if he experiences anxiety. He also charges his crystals in the moonlight to replenish their energy.

Another reason why Hudson is fond of crystals is that he likes keeping a piece of the Earth with him at all times, and that gives him peace of mind.

“I think people see crystals and immediately think of witchcraft, but that is not the case,” Hudson said. “These objects can promote positive feelings, and I think a lot of people can benefit from them.”