Like many cities, Flagstaff has a majority of the most common fast food chain restaurants. It has everything from McDonald’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Five Guys and several other choices. However, Flagstaff also has places that can’t be found anywhere else, and establishments like these allow people to change where they choose to dine each night. The local restaurants offered can give people a chance to eat locally while still supporting their community.

Diablo Burger, which also has a location in Tucson, as well as Mike and Ronda’s The Place and La Vetta Ristorante Italiano are a few of the local restaurants that can be found in Flagstaff. The variety of local options to choose from can provide a customer with a more upscale dining experience or a more casual meal out. Senior Austin Taylor shared a few of his reasons for frequenting these restaurants.

“My personal favorite places to eat in Flagstaff would have to be Mike and Ronda’s The Place and La Vetta, which are downtown,” Taylor said. “Mike and Ronda’s is my go-to for breakfast because it just has that homey feel to it. It has huge portions, affordability and even sports on television most of the time.”

Taylor said he enjoys going to Mike and Ronda’s The Place on Sundays to eat breakfast and watch football games. While this restaurant is one of Taylor’s favorites, he also said there are a variety of local restaurants to eat that give the customer a more classy experience.

“La Vetta is also great because of its subtle yet classy atmosphere,” Taylor said. “It gives you the feeling of being in a nicer restaurant with a menu full of a variety of foods. The staff is very professional, while also being interactive and the table service is incredible as well. Along with the amazing food, La Vetta also has a fantastic bar with just about anything you could want to drink.”

Another aspect of dining that local Flagstaff eateries have to offer is locally sourced food, such as Diablo Burger, which serves local, grass-fed beef at their restaurants. They partner with ranches, farmers and bakers from within a 250 mile radius to provide local food to their customers. Senior Gabrielle Weiser is a regular at Diablo Burger and appreciates the locally sourced food and options to choose from.

“Diablo Burger is unique because it has a great atmosphere and the meat they use is locally distributed,” Weiser said. “It has so many different burgers and it offers different options than any other burger place does. The staff there also creates a welcoming atmosphere that keeps customers returning regularly.”

In addition to locally sourced food, the local restaurants in Flagstaff can provide a communal atmosphere among customers and employees. Due to the fact that these restaurants are specific to Flagstaff, the ability to meet people and build relationships is a commonality. Weiser said The Mayor, a local Flagstaff bar and kitchen, is a good place to do this.

“I like the community feel that The Mayor gives off,” Weiser said. “It is a wonderful place to go out and get aquatinted with new people while also eating good food. The atmosphere at The Mayor can change, but you never have a bad time. Sometimes its just a good place to sit and eat, while at other times it can get a bit more lively.”

The Mayor general manager Audrey de Guzman said she has noticed how the staff interacts with the customers on a daily basis. In her opinion, that’s how it really makes The Mayor stand out as a local bar and eatery.

“I think we stand out because of our extraordinary staff,” de Guzman said. “Almost everyone who is on staff here hangs out with the customers they meet while working. We just have a really friendly staff that creates a sense of community and the interactions between the staff and customers really just make it feel like a close group.”

The community sense, locally sourced food and great atmospheres are just a few of the things that can be found at local Flagstaff restaurants.