School's out and for many, that means it's time to hit the skate parks to work on their skills on wheels. Skate parks are often spots where skaters of all ages spend days on end working on new tricks and hanging out with friends. Skate parks in Northern Arizona were created to be fun for skaters, but these reviews may act as a guide to help decide which local skate park is the best fit for you as factors such as safety and difficulty are evaluated.

Jack Malmgren Skate Park: Sedona, Arizona

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Jack Malmgren skate park is located in Sedona, Arizona and although the drive from Flagstaff is just short of an hour, many skaters would say the trip to this park is worth it. Jack Malmgren accommodates for skaters at all levels, and the population of skaters there reflects this. The park is large and complete with transitions, ledges and drop-ins of various heights, a steep and shallow bowl and enough space for all of its skaters. The park is clean and well maintained but more heavily used than any of the other northern Arizona parks. Jack Malmgren ranks highest aesthetically though because of its gorgeous placement among the red rocks. The view from this park is also second to none. Since Jack Malmgren is so great for all kinds of skaters it is often quite populated, but the park is large enough for all these skaters. Families are often at Jack Malmgren and the surrounding neighborhood is safe enough for older children to skate unaccompanied or by guardians.

Foxglenn Park, Flagstaff, Arizona

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Created by the Tony Hawk Foundation, Foxglenn is a wildly better option for all types of wheels to skate. The park has the space to accommodate for bikers, and ramps and transitions suitable for skateboarding, scootering and roller skating. Foxglenn is also a great skate park for people at any level of park skating because it has more ramps and flatter areas for people just starting out. It also has the deeper bowls and ramps for advanced park skaters. Since the park is able to accommodate a wider variety of skaters, Foxglenn can often be crowded, especially on weekends, which could make it harder for people newer to park skating to feel comfortable testing the terrain. Despite this, Foxglenn is located in a safe neighborhood and tends to draw a younger crowd of skaters than other skate parks and remains well lit for skating safely after dark. A skater might find some trash and graffiti at Foxglenn but the park is overall clean and ranks well aesthetically.

The Basin, Flagstaff, Arizona

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

The Basin is a BMX park located in the Sunnyside neighborhood, so it is naturally geared more toward bikers. However, The Basin is a great skate park for advanced park skaters. The Basin offers many deep drops and steep transitions, which make it enjoyable for experienced skaters. However, The Basin is not recommended for people who are new to park skating. Due to the park's challenging course, it is recommended that skaters at The Basin are accompanied by someone else for safety reasons despite the park’s location in a relatively safe neighborhood that typically isn't very busy. Compared to other northern Arizona skate parks, The Basin ranks best on cleanliness as it is well maintained. However, the downside to The Basin is that it is not lit at night and can be dangerous to skate after dark.

Bushmaster Park, Flagstaff, Arizona

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Located in Flagstaff’s east side, Bushmaster Skatepark is not the ideal destination for local skaters. Although originally designed for skateboard skating, the park offers better terrain for bikers. Bikers do make up a majority of the population at Bushmaster and the park is often crowded. People on skateboards, scooters or roller skates might find Bushmaster a bit more difficult to navigate, especially if they are beginners to park skating. Although Bushmaster remains relatively clean, it ranks lowest on cleanliness in comparison to other northern Arizona skate parks and ranks aesthetically poor by comparison. The biggest concern skating at Bushmaster is safety. The park is surrounded by acres of grass fields and recreational facilities that homeless populations regularly frequent and the lights that illuminate the park at night are not at all bright enough to provide a safe space to skate after dark. Bushmaster is not recommended for children unaccompanied by guardians or solo skaters in general for these safety reasons.