Spring breaking and memory making

Illustration by Madison Cohen

With spring break rapidly approaching, students are scrambling to make the best out of the week away from classes and responsibilities. There’s plenty of ways to spend one’s time off, whether it be relaxing on a beach, hanging out with family or going on a crazy adventure with friends.

Every person’s spring break experience is unique to them and oftentimes, they can have unexpected events take the center of attention. Whatever way it goes, college students all over the country seek to make a memory during spring break.

Senior Mia Bradley reflected on a memorable spring break experience in 2017. For her first spring break as a college student, she went to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, also known as Rocky Point.

Bradley said taking the trip with her family was great. Her family owns a house on a private beach, which meant the beach was never crowded and they never had to worry about finding a place to lay blankets in the sand.

“It was a great first spring break experience in college, even though I went with my family,” Bradley said. “We went downtown, and my mother actually made me dance on a table.”

As a freshman, Bradley had just turned 18 and she had her first legal drink at Rocky Point since Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18.

“I went into the bar, I ordered a piña colada and they just gave it to me,” Bradley said. “They didn’t even card me. I had my ID ready to show them I was 18 and they didn’t even look at it. During spring break, Rocky Point has a cover charge and it was $15 or $20, and then you got unlimited alcohol.”

Not getting her ID checked was quite the shock for Bradley, but she got her drink after all. Bradley said the cover charge was really nice because within the first hour of being at the bar, she had already drunk up her money and then some.

Spring break in college is often celebrated with friends rather than family. Bradley said that if she could do anything different, she would probably just go with friends.

“It’s kind of weird turning up with your mom,” Bradley said. “I was kind of holding back and it was a little weird. My mom got really drunk and was dancing around. She likes to party.”

Although Bradley was holding back a bit, she still experienced her first hangover on this trip.

Junior Kasi Winkle spent a spring break at her grandfather’s tequila plantation in Jocotepec in 2018, a town in Jalisco, Mexico. Winkle said she learned about the process of growing Agave tequilana, commonly called blue Agave and the essential ingredient of tequila, and how the liquor is made.

“The grandpa I stayed with is on Mexico’s tequila board,” Winkle said. “It was the head of the board’s wife’s birthday, so we got to go to his mansion. His party plaza was bigger than my house ... I got to meet a lot of people that have a pretty big influence in Mexico, so it was really cool.”

Winkle not only got to meet the entire tequila board but she tasted all the different variations of tequila each member made.

“We got to take shots of each tequila when we walked into the mansion,” Winkle said. “There’s six members on the board, so six shots. I took half shots because I was young, but that’s something I never had to do before and something I hope I never have to do again.”

When thinking about spring break, one might think of “MTV Spring Break” with big parties, lots of drinking and crazy adventures. This was not the case for sophomore Hailey Provo. She spent her most memorable spring break in 2018 with family, celebrating her 18th birthday in Santa Cruz, California.

With unforeseen rainy weather conditions, and her family of six being crammed into a small bedroom, tensions rose and the trip looked disappointing at first. They ended up bonding since they were in such close quarters and had a great trip. Having to adjust their daily plans due to rain, the first half of the trip was a little rough.

Provo was born in Santa Cruz and said she was really excited about going back to her origins on her birthday. After the weather had cleared, Provo and her family saw the brighter side and started making the most of those sunny days.

“My mom took me to the hospital where I was born and it was really cool,” Provo said. “One day we went to the boardwalk and at the end of the night, we had a bonfire on the beach. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. It was really nice and my whole family was there. We told stories, listened to music and caught up.”

Doing something crazy for spring break, traveling or just spending quality time with family can all be equally fun options for a student on spring break. As long as the time is spent with loved ones, friends, or simply relaxing and taking time for oneself, spring break will likely be a blast for anybody, no matter where they end up.