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When I think of pizza, I don’t think of feta cheese, arugula and pesto on wheat bread. I think of a pizza that is ooey-gooey, dripping and greasy with a ton of cheese and pepperoni, and maybe even a filled crust, if I’m lucky. If I’m in the mood for pizza, I want it to be the most disgusting and delicious thing I have ever had in my life.

To give you a little background, my father has worked in pizza shops his whole life. He still does now. When I was younger, I swore off pizza, because I was bored with it. In high school, I was wooed by the fancy Scottsdale pizza places near my school. I went from quality Italian pizza, like the ones my dad’s shop made, to vegan, Instagram-worthy pizzas. Near the end of high school, I was over pizza entirely.

Now when I crave pizza, all I can think about is how much I want Little Caesars. I know what you’re thinking, something along the lines of, “Gross, how dare you?” but I love Little Caesars’ pizza. It is exactly what I look for in my junk food cravings. It’s cheap, quick and disgusting in all the right ways.

Through my love for Little Caesars, I’ve had so many people call me out and say how gross it is, but I always agree. It is gross, and that is the best part. To me, pizza is gross – sorry to all the Italians out there, including my boyfriend. Fancy, authentic pizza just isn’t for me.

There are other options in town, but Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s aren’t as cheap. They aren’t as gross either, which is what I want. The one thing these places have over Little Caesars is the option of delivery, but some things are worth the drive.

As I said before, my boyfriend is Italian. His last name is even Grimaldi, like the pizzeria. His family is all about authentic pizza, which is awesome and delicious, but isn’t what I want. It also isn’t cheap, either. I think Little Caesars is slept on, especially in the lives of college students. We’re broke, hungry and don’t have a lot of time. What would be better than a fast pickup for only $5? Nothing.

My last name may be Grimaldi one day, but I’ll be a Little Caesars lover forever, even if it’s the most disgusting pizza in America.