Student Wellness

NAU’s Health and Learning Center provides many resources for students, including counseling services, Feb. 10.

The brain is the most powerful organ in the human body, generating every action and thought of a person. Mental wellness can be one of the most important things in a person’s life and having a healthy mindset can lead to better outlooks on life.

While some people believe that mental health is a real thing that should be dealt with in a serious manner, others believe that certain individuals are trying to seek attention or that they could be faking their symptoms. Sophomore Karli Steiner said it is important to believe those struggling with mental health issues.

“It’s real and people do not realize that enough,” Steiner said. “It’s something that people really deal with and it’s important that we register that it is happening.”

One major outlet that people could use to help them is to hire a therapist or a counselor. To seek help from a professional can be a sure-fire way to deal with symptoms that are not ideal. However, like most aspects of life, these professions need to be compensated with money.

With expenses such as rent, books and food, money could be tight. Some people may find it difficult to come up with extra money to afford the professional help they need. Junior Patrick Garvin believes it is important to seek extra help, no matter the cost.

“Everybody has problems internally, but they don’t speak about [them],” Garvin said. “I feel like everyone has their own self-battles.”

Some students could be under stress that is caused by the hectic lifestyle of balancing school work and a social life. This may be the first time some students are out on their own with no guidance to show them the way, which could be a tough situation to be in. Morgan said all of these elements can put some stress on an individual’s mind.

Freshman Denson Morgan said that his major, physiology, allows him to learn about all the different things that have pointed mental health as a real issue. He said some of these things people can’t make up.

“Students are alone most of the time [because] they left their families,” Morgan said. “I think that a lot of times, the trigger for mental health is the absence of love. The absence of belonging somewhere so your body is trying to cope, and it doesn’t really work so it kind of freaks out and things happen.”

If time is an issue for some students, there are some methods that can help students to de-stress and to take care of their mind. Other groups on campus such as Peer Jacks, Stress Busters and Paws Your Stress can help students out. Peer Jacks gives students an outlet to talk to students who listen and have an open conversation with them. Stress Busters can help you relax by massaging all your stresses away in the main floor of the HLC. If dogs get students to unwind, then some four-pawed pals can help students pet away their worries. While all these programs are available for students on campus, Steiner said sometimes a good old-fashioned phone call can do the trick.

“I call my mom,” Steiner said. “There is no shame in calling your parents.”

For anybody that is on the spiritual side of life, Morgan said that the use of meditation and prayer help a lot.

Junior Constance Gulden said some students may think that college is about partying and the balance between having a social life and trying to pass classes. With too many eggs in one basket, it could lead to the feeling of being overwhelmed with little way out.

“College can be a lot of partying, depending on what you do, but it is a lot more stressful than people think,” Gulden said. “People are providing for themselves and trying to have a social life and passing all their classes with a job. It’s important to take [mental health] seriously.”

In the HLC, there are counseling services that are provided for students to assist them in their journey. Their website lists some of the problems they help with such as relationships, academic issues and substance abuse that could be common on college campuses.