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"Frail State of Mind" is delicately beautiful. @the1975 frontman @Truman_Black calls it the band's "global anxiety attack," and it might be one of the most impactful songs you hear in 2019.
The 1975 released “Frail State of Mind” Friday, another single from their upcoming February 2020 album, “Notes On a Conditional Form.” It will be the third song on the 22-track project.

Wow, this song is incredibly stunning. The band’s drummer and main producer, George Daniel, created an instrumental that is rich in synthesizers and has a steady piano that brings depth to the track. The seemingly endless layering to this colorful beat is my favorite thing about the song. Really, it makes me want to close my eyes and dance for eternity. To me, the vocal cadence in the initial verse sounds fairly similar to “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME,” which coincidentally was also the third song on the band’s previous album. “Frail State of Mind” is “TOOTIME”: somber edition.

Let me be clear that this is not to say The 1975 is unoriginal. In fact, I think they are the most relevant and creative band in the world, and I love their music dearly. I assume that the similarity between the two tracks will make sense later, once the rest of the album is released. The alternative-pop band is notorious for clever but cryptic tactics in their music, with easter eggs alluding to previous songs, albums and music videos. So, maybe the paralleled sound is not a coincidence after all.

Introverts please rise, for Matty Healy is on our side. The 1975’s frontman and lead singer is one of the strongest lyricists in the music world, and he shines once again on “Frail State of Mind.”

“Go outside? \ Seems unlikely \ I’m sorry that I missed your call \ I watched it ring \ ‘Don’t waste their time’ \ I’ve always got a frail state of mind”

The subject matter of the song is very relatable to listeners. As someone who prefers being alone or in the company of a few friends at the most, the previous lyric about watching the phone ring hit close to home. I am guilty of ignoring countless video calls in favor of staying in the comfort of my own space.

Healy sings about how his fragile, unpredictable attitude and anxiety hold him back from common thrills that everyone surrounding him seems to love, such as partying. His vulnerability and transparency about his inner battles are what draw listeners in, dating way back to the band’s first EP.

The 1975 are at their best when they are brutally truthful. As melancholic as the lyrics are, the song gradually grows euphoric, leaving the listener with a divergent feeling as the last piano riff plays. Powerful, honest writing intertwined with superlative production will always combine for an irresistible tune. This is the formula The 1975 have followed since 2012, and it has yet to fail them. It probably never will.