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At the moment I began writing this, Shane Dawson’s “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” was No. 1 on YouTube’s trending page. In the past, he spoke about not being able to ever reach the trending page, but boy have times changed.

This video, which premiered Oct. 1, was the first in his new series with makeup artist Jeffree Star. Before this, Shane Dawson produced a five-part series with Star, which began in August 2018. In this original series, he explored parts of the hidden side of the makeup world, uncovering what it takes to own a makeup brand, launch palettes and design makeup sets. Shane Dawson and Star also discussed in this original series to collaborate again to create a Shane Dawson palette.

Now, more than a year later, the second series has finally arrived.

The first episode, over an hour in length, is entirely independently published by Shane Dawson. While he does have a sponsor for the video, a money-saving browser extension called Honey, he took his own time and energy to create this new series. While it is common for YouTubers to create, edit and produce their own videos, Shane Dawson’s are different.

In the past, he did reviews, funny skits and classic sit-down videos, but within the past two years, he has changed his content for the better. His new content is edited beautifully with the help of Andrew Siwicki, his cameraman and right-hand guy. I remember when Siwicki was first introduced, and since then the content has improved and has become more professional as the series has progressed. Together, they’ve done series focusing on other YouTubers, like Tana Mongaeu, Jake Paul, Bunny Meyer — otherwise known as Grav3yardgirl — and more. Each series had better editing than the last, with thematic cuts, overlays and the use of music from small artists the pair wanted to promote.

Beyond the editing of this first video in the series, the content also soared. The backstage aspect of makeup production has never seen the light in this way. He is working with one of the most popular makeup brands, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is sold independently online and through Morphe stores. Star has made an empire with his makeup brand, and it continues to grow in popularity. The next episode in the series will depict the business side of releasing Shane Dawson’s palette. The YouTube makeup community is also known for being full of shady people and drama, and he expressed hope to uncover this darker side. Overall, this story has never been told before, and it will expose more about the beauty industry than ever before.

I’ve also been a longtime fan of Shane Dawson — I watched him from the very beginning when he dressed up as characters and performed crazy skits. The evolution of his videography is amazing. Seeing him film in a small bedroom to standing in the middle of fans who screamed his name brought so much happiness to my heart. This series also touched on his insecurity of joining the beauty industry because of his concern about his looks and weight. All I could think while watching this episode was that Shane Dawson belongs wherever he wants to be, no matter what he is insecure about. I’ve never watched any YouTuber that has the heart Shane Dawson does, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series has to offer. I also can’t wait to snag his palette as soon as it is released.