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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s Conspiracy collection is finally out for purchase for the fans who anticipated its release. Through Dawson’s YouTube channel, fans were given sneak peeks and the ability to watch the entire process of creating the collection, from picking out the colors and names to final touches on the packaging. As an audience, we’ve been able to see the entire journey, and on Friday at 10 a.m., we were given the quick chance to own it.

Within the collection, there is the main Conspiracy eye-shadow palette, which has 18 unique eye-shadow shades, a mini palette called The Mini Controversy, five liquid lipsticks that come separate, and, in the Pig Lip box set, a clear lip gloss called Shane Glossin’ and more.

The collection is beautiful, with accessories like pig mirrors and makeup bags that take every single detail into consideration. It is also expensive, the collection bundle is $210, but the amount of detail down to the stamps on each shade of eye shadow make every cent worth it. The names for the shades of eye shadow and lipstick also give me nostalgia, some tying back to Dawson’s old YouTube videos. A bright yellow eye shadow shade is titled Food Videos — a nod to the old bright yellow video thumbnails of his food reviews.

The design and components of the collection were revealed days before, which built anticipation. Videos of fans in huge lines at Morphe stores across the world surfaced the morning of the release. Since Flagstaff doesn’t have a Morphe store, I set numerous alarms and sat by my laptop, nervously awaiting 10 a.m.

The worst part about the collection wasn’t any part of the collection itself but the online ordering process. As I said before, the palette was released at 10 a.m. Friday, and I prepared to order 30 minutes early. I set up my shipping address on Jeffree Star’s website and had my debit card beside me, ready to go. As soon as the clock turned 10 a.m., Star’s website crashed. It refused to load, so I refreshed the website, only for it to bring me back to the home page and show the error message again. Quickly, I moved to Morphe’s website, which also crashed.

However, Morphe had a loading page where customers were placed in lines to wait. I juggled back-and-forth between the two websites. I borrowed my boyfriend’s laptop as well to attempt to order it there. After 30 minutes of fighting with technology, I was finally able to order the palette on Morphe’s website. Every other piece in the collection had already been sold out. By the end of the day, every piece of the collection was sold out.

Beside the ordering process, which should have been accounted for due to Dawson’s popularity, the collection created anticipation I’ve never seen for a makeup palette before, and I’m so glad I was able to score one before they sold out.