Treacherous theft on "Money Heist" season four

Illustration by Madison Cohen

Whenever I watch an episode of “Money Heist” I find myself mind blown with everything that happens. I don’t think I have ever been so fascinated by a show until this one. From almost being canceled to eventually getting picked up by Netflix, this show from Spain has captivated audiences worldwide.

I love watching Spanish shows and movies, but I was never really interested in watching “Money Heist.” The show is full of action, and it’s not one I would typically go for. After being recommended to watch it several times from friends, I eventually gave in and watched.

In the first season, the audience meets Sergio Marquina, alias the Professor, who brings together a band of criminals to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. The ultimate goal of the heist is to print billions of euros while in the building. To prepare for the attack, the Professor and his group head to Toledo, Spain to prepare. Once they arrive, he tells them they have to leave who they are behind and create new aliases for themselves. He instructs each person to name themselves after cities, and that’s how the audience is introduced to the characters.

The first two seasons focus on the group’s heist on the Royal Mint. My favorite part of this is the iconic outfit the Professor makes the group wear: a red jumpsuit with a Salvador Dalí mask. The audience watches as the group prints money, the Professor controls the heist from the outside, while the Spanish police try to take them down.

If you think these two seasons sound intense, this is just child’s play.

At the beginning of season three, we see the group separate to different cities around the globe after successfully pulling off the heist. The action begins when the character Río uses a burner phone that Interpol tracks to his location. After the Professor finds out that the Spanish forces have taken Río, he decides the group needs to get him back by following his next plan: an attack on the Bank of Spain.

After the group makes their way into the bank, they are encountered with even tougher situations. The new investigator of the heist, Alicia Sierra, is not what I expected. She doesn’t take anything from anybody and wants to bring down the group at all costs. Despite this, she is probably the cruelest character I’ve seen on this show. In season two it is revealed that one of the members of the heist, Nairobi, had a son who was taken away from her because of the crimes she committed prior to the heist. In a dramatic scene, Alicia brings Nairobi’s son to the outside of the bank as bait. This is one of the saddest scenes in the entire show. My heart broke as I saw Nairobi crying over her son she hadn’t seen in years. After this scene, I knew Alicia would try to do worse things to destroy the group.

Season four of “Money Heist” premiered on April 3 with an insane first episode. After binge-watching the season this past weekend, I think this is the best season of the show to date. I was on the edge of my seat during each episode as I wondered what would happen to the group inside the bank. This season included more conflicts within the group, a new villain and the Professor’s constant battle against the police.

Although the audience is left with a cliffhanger, season four has been my favorite so far. This season was thrilling, but I enjoyed the new aspects that came into the show. I liked that the show finally included some LGBTQ+ representation. After teasing this in previous seasons, we get to see some new LGBTQ+ characters added to the mix. I also enjoyed seeing flashback scenes in this new season.

Since many are looking for ways to find entertainment during this period of COVID-19 self-isolation, “Money Heist” is a perfect show to distract yourself with. If you’re like me, you’ll watch the entire show in awe at the plans the Professor creates in order to outsmart the police. Maybe you’ll also find yourself singing along with the group when they sing the iconic “Bella Ciao.” Either way, if you’re looking for something to binge-watch, this show is the perfect fit.

Rating: 10/10