Food trucks that frequent Flagstaff are not just fun stops for food, they also help foster community engagement with local farmers and business owners.

I ranked each of the locations on affordability, overall quality, signature item quality, menu comprehensiveness and atmosphere.

3’s in The Trees

Rating: 4/5

This Flagstaff-based food truck serves both American favorites and Mexican cuisine with a twist. In a white corn tortilla, 3’s in The Trees’ tacos bring an authentic street taco feel to Flagstaff. Although the tacos are heavy with meat on the bottom, the sauce drizzled on top is delicious, leaving me wanting more. The food truck’s signature seasoned tater tots are good, but aren’t far from frozen grocery store tots. The sauce they come with is an interesting blend of sweet and almost spicy that ultimately redeems the dish. Overall, if you see 3’s in the Trees around Flagstaff, I’d recommend giving it a shot. The menu offers American favorites like the tater tots and cannolis, but primarily serves tacos, sticking to the truck’s Southwestern roots at affordable prices.

Momo’s Kitchen

Rating: 5/5

Momo’s Kitchen is a Sedona-based food truck that serves up delicious Korean barbecue to northern Arizona. The menu is simple, offering a beef option and a veggie option, which is vegan and gluten free. The barbecue is delicious, proportioning the beef or veggies well with the cabbage and rice it’s served with. It’s all topped off with a delicious tangy sauce that pulls the dish together. Momo’s Kitchen is also known for their shaved ice with unique flavors like red bean, citron and green tea. The tasty dishes served by Momo’s Kitchen food truck come in bowls made out of recycled materials and come with bamboo utensils. It is refreshing to see a food truck aim to reduce plastic waste that often comes with dining at a food truck, without compromising price or quality of the food.

Down by the Bayou Bistro

Rating: 5/5

This Phoenix-based Cajun food truck has a massive menu of comfort foods with a kick. Down by the Bayou Bistro’s signature fried catfish and shrimp are flaky and soft, which contrasts nicely with the thin, flavorful breading. The barbecue sauce served with the dish is sweet and smoky in all the right ways. The hot sauce is flavorful and certainly has a kick. Down by the Bayou is also known for its creamy mac and cheese, which is complementary to the spice. Down by the Bayou’s menu, while expansive, is affordable for food truck goers.

Merkin Pizza Wagon

Rating: 3/5

Merkin Pizza Wagon is an extension of Old Town Scottsdale’s Merkin Vineyards. The pizza comes at a relatively high price for the smaller size of the whole pizza. Despite this, the handcrafted pizzas are praised for their uniqueness in comparison to mainstream pizza, which the Merkin Pizza Wagon certainly upholds. Though the food truck’s famous frittes — airy dough bites — are good, they are overwhelmed with Parmesan and I would’ve preferred the side dish to come with marinara sauce for dipping, which would make them far more enjoyable.

Grandma’s Navajo Fry Bread

Rating: 5/ 5

Grandma’s Navajo Fry Bread Truck serves up dishes like tacos and sandwiches with their famous fry bread as a base, but what they’re especially known for is their dessert fry bread. This fry bread is better than funnel cake and with all of its toppings is extra messy. For sticking to fry bread, the menu offers enough variety to satisfy any craving. Not only are the items reasonably priced, but the serving sizes are massive, making every penny spent at this food truck well worth it.

Square Root Burger

Rating: 4/5 stars

Square Root Burger is a local food truck that serves up locally grown, sustainably sourced ingredients in their veggie and beef burgers. Though Square Root Burger’s menu is small, it allows customers to build their own burger from their choice of either a beef or veggie patty. The burgers can come in at a higher price range since each add on is an extra cost. While the beet-based veggie patty has such a soft texture, it’s a stretch to compare it to a beef patty. The flavor combinations and freshness of Square Root Burger is amazing. Though the overall showstopper were the tots, which were essentially cubed french fries that melt in the mouth and are drizzled with the best creamy sauce and topped with avocado.

John Deere Hit n’ Miss Ice Cream Churn

Rating: 5/5

This ice cream truck has been in business for eight years, but the vessel still carries on the history and legacy of John Deere’s ice cream churn. Their signature flavor, apple pie, is a perfect summer treat, however, the truck serves up more traditional flavors alongside the unique ones. The ice cream is homemade, which is apparent through the dessert’s thick consistency. The flavors of John Deere Hit n’ Miss Ice Cream Churn are not overwhelming or artificial.

The Verdict

Of all the local food trucks I’ve visited, I’d say my No. 1 pick out of the five-star trucks would be Grandma’s Navajo Fry Bread. While it hits all marks of affordability, food quality, selection and atmosphere, the truck is more unique and characteristic of northern Arizona than the other food trucks. As represented through its name, Grandma’s Navajo Fry Bread values cultural and family cuisine, which aligns with the ideal communal experience and connection offered through food truck dining experiences.