‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is 2020’s final disappointment

Illustration by Madison Cohen

Let me begin by talking about all the reasons why I loved 2017’s “Wonder Woman.” Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, has one of the most interesting origin stories mixing Greek mythology with the 1900s. The plot taking place during World War I was so different, while also commentating on war and why it exists. The elaborate, gritty fight scenes made me watch the movie over and over again. The film gave me hope that the DC Universe was not a lost cause.  

However, this sequel goes in the complete opposite direction and against everything that made the first film a hit. 

In “Wonder Woman 1984,” Diana finds herself in the colorful 1980s, but that tone is not consistent. I kept forgetting the film took place during this decade and was only reminded when I saw big hair and breakdancing. The ’80s was not the right time to create a compelling narrative because it seems childish compared to the seriousness of the first film. The fact that there was a dressing room montage is inexcusable for a movie I had such high expectations for. 

For a superhero movie, the plot is so unrealistic and that is saying a lot. Wonder Woman must find a way to reverse wishes granted by an ancient stone that will ultimately lead to the apocalypse. However, this plot seems childish compared to the dark tone of the original. 

The villains in this film are also extremely juvenile and forgettable. Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, has the most typical origin story and is not menacing at all. This is unacceptable considering this is the Amazon’s archenemy. Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, is a character that is so confusing to me. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for him or if I should see him as a terrible person. The villains are the best part of superhero films, and this plot did not do these characters justice. 

The ending is probably the most disappointing part of the film. The villains are so easily defeated and the conflict is so quickly resolved. The final minutes are so cheesy, and when the credits rolled, me and fellow viewers in my living room looked at one another in shock.

However, the acting is what made this movie somewhat watchable. I think Gadot is the perfect actor to play the iconic Wonder Woman and she executes the role flawlessly. Wiig was very convincing in her role, which I was initially skeptical about.  

I understand the pandemic may have rushed the movie’s production and maybe the film would be more tolerable in theaters. I think all the actors did really well with what they were given and that is the film’s only redeeming quality. However, it’s hard to believe that this film is in the same universe as the first. 

I’m glad I didn’t waste my money or risk catching a deadly virus by going to the movies to watch this. Just like perms and upturned collars, this film is better left forgotten. 

Rating: 3/10