Researchers from a variety of professional backgrounds have come together to create a device that could help people with movement disabilities.


As it turns out, marijuana can do more than get a person high. In recent years, NAU students have found other ways to use cannabis in attempts to heal and relieve.

Is it truly possible to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle in today’s society? Find out how Tyler Linner focuses his attention on pollinators, plastics and pedal-power to bring about much-needed environmental changes in northern Arizona.


Whether it's internships, jobs or some fun in the sun, find out what NAU students plan to do with their summer breaks.

Fashion and music trends come and go, but many seem to have resurfaced in the tastes of today's society. Why does the popularity of '60s and '70s music remain prevalent in modern culture?

Waitressing and bartending are the obvious choices for students. Although these archetypes have helped students pay their way for nearly a century, see what a few clever students are doing to earn money in new and flexible ways.


Experts say that while recent weather events don't really tell us anything about climate change, it's important to remember that our actions determine the future and environmental security of the planet.


There are multiple police departments with jurisdiction in Flagstaff. Who comes to the rescue when locals experience an emergency?

In cold and snowy weather conditions, do NAU students feel less motivated to attend class?


Northern Arizona locals weigh in on their beliefs about extraterrestrials, UFOs and strange sightings in the region. Is the possibility for contact with little green men completely out of the question for Flagstaff astronomers?

Student parents often face a myriad of financial burdens, including tuition, rent, child care and much more. With the help of NAU's child care voucher program, some of these burdens could be lifted.


Love and mental health — both are difficult to maintain but not impossible to balance. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, students are curious as to how their love lives could effect happiness and academic success.


The Grand Canyon National Park will soon be in its 100th year of operation as canyon stewards brainstorm ways to enhance the ecological and social well-being of the region. Although the National Park service has made the canyon far more accessible to visitors, these improvements are overshadowed by years of mistreatment toward local indigenes.

The Museum of Northern Arizona is home to a uniquely collaborative space that strengthens community relationships and promotes local sustainability, contributors say.


These skaters are fierce — both physically and in their love for the community. Find out about an organization geared towards working hard, having fun and giving back.


Toro y Moi’s new upbeat album "Outer Peace" awakens the inner artist in all of us with 10 genre-bending tracks.

Bette Ulrich, owner of High Style Flagstaff, is attempting to save the planet with her up-cycle and recycle boutique.

The holiday season brings a boost in sales to most businesses in Flagstaff, but what happens after the tinsel and mistletoe are put away for the year? Find out about some of the post-holiday sales that took place around town as a 'thank you' to local customers.

Anyone can buy commercialized products. Local products on the other hand, are harder to come by. @mountainairesweetbreads @wickedazcoffee @flagstafffarmersmarket

Are movie makers flooding Flagstaff just for the weather, or is there something special about Flagstaff?


Every year a magic portal opens between Flagstaff and the North Pole with the experience of a lifetime.

Find out the deeper meanings behind why horror movies really get under our skin. What is behind the making of our favorite horror films?

In the Flagstaff forests, a nomadic population is thriving. Nurses and scientists do their laundry by hand and hope they're on the right side of a legal gray area regarding forest living.


Macys has been a well known coffee house for students and tourist since the 1980s. But what is the reason why they are so good? Take a look at how the humble beginnings has turned this coffee shop into the talk of the town.

The Murdoch Center is rekindling the connection in Flagstaff among college students and locals through a game of life-size chess.


A lonely Gravesite sits at the foot of Elden Mountain and attracts visitors curious to know the story of the grave and the child who was murdered.

College can be a dark place. The NAU spoken word community is a light in the darkness, a place for students and faculty to heal their hurting hearts. @brownsugarhour @fruitsforyamental @NAUGlobalCabaret

Flagstaff's Dark Skies Coalition is committed to protecting Flagstaff's night sky from light pollution. Without light pollution, which is present in many cities today, the night sky shines bright and beautiful for anyone willing to look up at it.


In today's times, kindness is more important than ever. One NAU club is making waves towards a kinder campus.

Love is a battlefield and P.R.I.S.M., a NAU club, is there to help.

The Tunnels is a NAU academic journal that has a variety of topics that are both educational and entertainment. Due to the little popularity that it has, many works are left unread.