Look at how some of NAU’s students kept entertained amid the global pandemic. Whether it be picking up new activities from TikTok or reversing a sleep schedule, everyone did something different.

A lot of people dream of it, but not many commit to it. Van life for Chester Schendel and Austin Cox, however, has been a life-changing experience.

The potential for violence can deter people from participating in protests. How can people keep themselves safe while standing up and speaking out for others?

The Grand Canyon Trust and Save The Confluence are two groups with a great history of protecting the Colorado Plateau. As the organizations continue to mold the flourishing of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding areas, you can get involved, too!

Though none can compete with the reigning champion that is in-person classes, in this corner we have Collaborate Ultra and in this corner is @zoom_us. Which do students and teachers prefer? 

Just because this semester is different from previous years, that doesn't mean that advice from upperclassmen isn’t useful. Take notes, freshmen, as some upperclassmen of NAU share their words of wisdom.

NAU's online classes are going online soon and that can bring forth a lot of questions and wariness about a virtual learning environment. Luckily, online tutors and programs are available to help. 


With social distancing measures and remote instruction in place, it can be hard for students to get to know their classmates, especially the freshmen beginning their careers at NAU this upcoming semester. So, why not start getting to know the class of 2024?

One of the main challenges for students during the upcoming fall semester will be cultivating social connections within classes. While study buddies seem crucial when finals roll around, turning classmates into friends can affect one’s mental well-being, especially now.

Although waking up at 6:30 a.m. was predictably difficult, pursuing sustainability and participating on a farm made for a memorable trip.