Sunshine Rescue Mission and Flagstaff Shelter Services are two shelters in town that offer numerous services, including hot meals and clothing, to those in need year round and throughout the impending holiday season.

Social media cleanses have become commonplace among media users over the past few years. Even NAU students have seen the value in cleansing themselves of social media and interacting with those around them.


Veterans all over the country are recognized on Veterans Day, but there are veterans right here walking around NAU's campus every day. Veteran students at NAU pursue degrees and careers just as wholeheartedly as any traditional college student.

Flagstaff's local barbershop, Kuttz Barber College is helping the community in more ways than one. Cutting hair is just the beginning when it comes to Jabarha "Kutt" Nichols' shop.

After a brief halt from touring and a full-time music career to build their families, The Senators are back and ready as ever to take the music world by storm.


With climate change becoming a larger issue each day, children are beginning to take matters into their own hands. After all, they’re the ones inheriting the planet.

Sacred Ground Tattoo and Piercing focuses on keeping prices low for customers and providing a way for people to express themselves.


With the annual @FLG_SciFest Festival of Science just around the corner, locals are buzzing with excitement in anticipation of moonwalker Charlie Duke's involvement.

A Flagstaff local shop owner is spreading hope in downtown Flagstaff with letters of positivity and encouragement.


Artist Lydia Chase aims to break the common, yet fearful ideologies surrounding death through her evocative paintings.