While it may have been obsolete for decades, vinyl records have recently surged in sales. Local stores like Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (@bookmansflag) weigh in on the record sales and successes of LPs.

Whether it be a romantic relationship or a close friendship, being far away from a loved one can be difficult. NAU students shared their long-distance experiences and how they cope with the obstacle.

When it comes to love, some people's pets are the apple of their eye. Pets such as cats, fish, birds or even geckos can hold a special place in their owner's hearts.

In a tech-savvy world, users of online dating are sometimes hesitant to acknowledge the truth of how they met. The idea of using an online dating app like @Tinder challenges the social norms of traditional dating.

Attending college while working can be a balancing act. With the demanding requirements of classes and a job, students weigh in on the realities of working while also attending NAU.

Lunar New Year is considered the planet’s largest annual migration of people. For some students, going home to celebrate was not an option for them. However, there were events on campus that provided students the opportunity to celebrate.


One may know the bigs and littles of Greek life, but there are also bigs and littles at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Flagstaff's chapter helps pave the road for future adults.

Intermittent fasting may seem like the perfect diet at first but health professionals are still debating on its effects in terms of physical and mental health.

Plants provide more than just oxygen to breathe in. For Native Americans, plant, demonstrate a way of life through harmony and healing. This unique connection creates a force so strong it defines their culture.


Flagstaff's longtime residents offer their biggest pieces of advice to NAU students and discuss why an older generation's perspective can be valuable.

Senior out of state students are trying to reclaim their roots as they move back into their lives and homes before college. They had to acclimate very quickly to both the weather and the social expectations of society.

Salt and Peak Boutique, Corvette'N America and The McMillan Bar and Kitchen are just a few homegrown establishments that make up the unique culture of the Flagstaff area.

NAU students shared stories of some of their most unique thanksgiving mishaps, from cooking failures to awkward guest appearances.

Sunshine Rescue Mission and Flagstaff Shelter Services are two shelters in town that offer numerous services, including hot meals and clothing, to those in need year round and throughout the impending holiday season.

Social media cleanses have become commonplace among media users over the past few years. Even NAU students have seen the value in cleansing themselves of social media and interacting with those around them.


Veterans all over the country are recognized on Veterans Day, but there are veterans right here walking around NAU's campus every day. Veteran students at NAU pursue degrees and careers just as wholeheartedly as any traditional college student.