Summer is just around the corner, and that means time off of school for NAU students. The season provides students with all kinds of opportunities in education, travel, exploration and fun. We asked students on campus what they plan to do during the break and what they feel the time is best used for.

Name: Hailie Loyd

Year: Freshman

Major: Communication

Hometown: Surprise, Arizona

“During the summer, I’m just going home and will spend time with my family. We’ll go out to eat together or maybe go to California. I’m definitely looking forward to summer vacation and a break from school.

“I have a job back in Surprise, so I’ll be working there over the break. Over the summer, I work at Chaparral Winds, a retirement home.

“I think that college students should use the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year and purchase all the books they need. Apart from focusing on school, students should really just take time to breathe, relax and de-stress.

“An internship would probably be good to have during the summer because you can get more experience towards your major. This will be my first summer break as a college student.”

Name: Trace Rickard

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Olympia, Washington

“Honestly, my summer plans are mainly just to work, make money and take a couple of classes. I’m moving back home for the summer, and will work for the mayor’s Triple-A baseball team as a member of the grounds crew.

“I don’t have a ton of time during the school year, so during the summer I work and make money. I use a lot of money throughout the school year, so summer keeps me somewhat financially stable.

“In Washington, where it rains all year, the weather is actually really nice in the summer. For the most part, I’ll have a lot of free time. It’s nice because I won’t really have to worry about school.”

Name: Amanda Radke

Year: Sophomore

Major: Astronomy

Hometown: Flagstaff

“I’m going to take summer classes. I’m not really looking forward to it because it’s during summer, and I’d like a break from school. However, I need to take a physics course in order to continue with my degree.

“Refreshing on topics that may have been difficult might be a good thing to do over the break. If you had a hard time in math class, for example, and you know you’ll progress into more difficult courses, maybe you should review your notes before school starts.

“If you are going to do an internship, it’s probably best to do it over the summer instead of during the school year so you can focus all of your energy on the internship.”

Name: Andrew Madory

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Orange County, California

“This summer, since I’ll be graduating, I’m supposed to do an internship. I’m not sure where yet. It could be back home in California, maybe here or possibly in Austin, Texas. I’ll be doing a government internship, which will involve helping out around an office.

“During past summer breaks, I’ve just hung out with friends and family, taken online courses, gone on vacation and seen the world. This past summer, I went back to Pennsylvania and the East Coast to see my friends and family.

“I would definitely recommend everyone take classes during summer. It helps get those difficult ones out of the way. That’s what helped me accelerate my graduation.

“Just keep busy. Taking a class or two over the summer has really helped me stay in the rhythm of things. I do it pretty much every year.”

Name: Jose Flores

Year: Senior

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Los Angeles

“My most memorable summer was two years ago when I went to Hawaii. I just needed to get off the mainland. It was my first island experience and was the best thing ever. It was just so tropical. The people there were so humble. The food was amazing and so were the waters. It was a summer to remember.

“The best part about summer break is getting a chance to enjoy life and relax without the stress of academics. It’s about having a good time. I think spending time with yourself during the break is a really great way to improve your overall health. You can focus on fitness, take a hike or treat yourself to a spa day or shopping spree. Those are all ways that I take care of myself over the break.”

Name: Grace Kennedy

Year: Junior

Major: Theatre

Hometown: Flagstaff

“I’m going to Washington, D.C. for a theater internship. I have not confirmed anything yet because there are a few internships I’m interested in and will be interviewing for. I may be in a production position doing things like hanging lights and working with stage equipment.

“I usually travel a lot over the summer. I’ve traveled all over, mainly in the States, but I did go to Canada one summer. I’ve been to Utah and Lake Havasu for example.

“I like camping, so I do a lot of camping when I travel. Camping makes things so much more affordable — you get to see more. I just like to see new things during summer.

“To keep myself occupied, I draw, paint and work on cars. I enjoy picking up new hobbies over summer.”