Letters for Annette McGivney

Journalism lecturer Annette McGivney's specialty is in environmental journalism and nonfiction writing. Photo Courtesy of Annette McGivney.


When I first changed my major to journalism in my second year at NAU, I was a part of the culture section of The Lumberjack newspaper. I had no idea what I was doing, but you were always so helpful, and I eventually learned the basics of interviewing and writing. At the time, I heard about your work and your book, Pure Land, but I didn’t read it until just last summer. Then, I got to take two classes with you, and I was so excited to get to know you and learn from you after realizing how amazing you are as a writer, journalist and human. It’s my last semester at NAU and yours too, and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to have you as a mentor, even if in-person classes were cut short. I think you are a gift to the world, and I aspire to be as good of a journalist as you.

I wish the best for you and your aspirations for the future.

Thank you,

Karin Johnson

Dear Annette,

You've always been a fountain of knowledge for any journalism student who is privileged enough to take any of your classes or to even be in the same room as you. You've shared so much of your experiences with us all and have shaped us into better journalists and people. Thank you for everything you've done for The Lumberjack and the journalism program.

Thank you,

Sabrina Proffitt


When I first enrolled in JLS 251 to be a writer for the culture section, you were right there to greet me and welcome me to The Lumberjack family. You helped foster an unforgettable experience at NAU, one that I will be eternally grateful for. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors and will miss you dearly. Cheers and happy retirement!

Yours truly,

Sebastian Moore

Dear Annette,

I may have only had you as a professor for one semester, but I learned so much about journalism from you in such a short amount of time. Even though the in-person classes were cut short, you still managed to check in on us students and give us feedback immediately. In class, you were always so calm and collected and managed to always give us great feedback on our assignments. Having you both as a professor and as an advisor for The Lumberjack made it so I was able to get feedback on my classwork as well as my professional work. Also, I was able to combine my work for The Lumberjack into my work for the class, which helped immensely on workload. I’m glad I was able to experience your teaching and advice for the world of journalism. I was sad to hear that I now won’t have you as a professor next semester, but I hope that you have a relaxing retirement and do some things that you’ve always dreamed of doing. Have fun!


Alyssa Schultze


Thank you very much for your many valuable contributions to the journalism program during your time at NAU. While I have only been at NAU and in the School of Communication for two academic years, I quickly saw how our colleagues valued and respected both your contributions and your expertise. I have no doubt you left an indelible impression on scores of students through the years, both in your role as Lumberjack adviser and in the classroom. I want to personally thank you for your counsel and guidance during my first semester here in Fall 2018, and also during my transition to Lumberjack adviser a year later. I valued your insight tremendously! Best of luck to you in the next chapter of your professional and personal life. You will be missed greatly as a colleague and I know our students think so very highly of you and will miss you immensely.

All the best! Stay safe and healthy!

David Harpster

Lecturer and Lumberjack adviser

School of Communication