In our last issue, I determined Savers is the best thrift store in Flagstaff — of the five I compared. Brady Wheeler and I put this theory to the test with a Thrift Throwdown.

The rules are as follows: each competitor must find an outfit comprised of a top, bottoms and shoes in 30 minutes, for under $30. Accessories are optional.


Iimmediately knew I had to go for something out of Brady’s wheelhouse, so I b-lined for the skirts. After searching through dated, oversized, calf-length denim numbers, I arrived at a slightly less dated floral skirt — deep red with green accents.

Due to the bold colors of my skirt choice, I was limited to a small spectrum of colors for my top. I initially began searching through the t-shirts with no luck. I knew I had to redirect my attention to something a little dressier.

In my experience, a good tank top can revamp a whole wardrobe. Under a button up or paired with a simple pair of jeans, tank tops can easily become staple pieces.

Early on in my prowl for the perfect tank top, I found the one — green silk with lace trim. While more scandalous than I would usually go for, the skirt and this tank top were meant for each other.

Within 30 seconds of shopping through the shoe section, I arrived upon a pair of burgundy clogs. Extremely grandma-esque, but they would have to do.

I had completed my outfit in just 10 minutes, giving me time to find a backup outfit just in case something didn’t fit. I quickly snatched some red slacks and a white polo. I never got the chance to try them on.

My outfit came out to $20 with each item averaging around six dollars. Savers is cheap, but pricier than Goodwill. Although, the quality of Savers’ clothes tends to be higher.

I was happy with my outfit and it’s something I would actually wear to a party or on a nice summer day. I tried to find something with a bit of pizzazz, something more elevated than my usual jeans and a t-shirt.

I think I succeeded, but we’re leaving it up to you guys to decide who won.


When the timer started, I was instantly faced with the same daunting task I had faced since my adolescence—finding pants that fit. I knew I needed to find a decent pair of pants with a slim fit to compliment my figure right away.

I started in the denim section, but quickly realized that it was mostly limited to basic blue jeans. While I love a good pair of jeans, I was going to need something unconventional if I was going to beat my competitor. I took a risk, and began picking through the mens slacks. To my surprise, I was able to find classic pinstripe slacks in deep grey with a modern fit—a perfect hybrid.

With the pants out of the way I headed over to the men’s shoes. The selection was much broader than I expected and I found a few different options right away. My initial inclination was to pair the slacks with a pair of mahogany leather oxfords. However, because of the quality and condition of the shoe it was out of my price range. In fact, I soon realized that all of the leather shoes were out of my price range. Oh no.

In my experience, thrift store sneakers are to be avoided at all costs. The selection is always limited and the quality usually makes the shoe unwearable. On the rare occasion that I do find a decent sneaker, it is always in an obscure size. This time was no different.

I was able to find a vintage pair of white K-Swiss tennis shoes. They were definitely worn but surprisingly not too dirty. I knew these were my only option, and luckily would match any top I picked out. It was absolutely not ideal, but I was happy with them all things considered.

Finding a top was easy. In fact, I had trouble picking just one. The first item I found was a pastel pink pocket tee with faded seams and a loose fit. I liked how both the color and the style were in contrast to the pants. After picking up and putting back everything from a southwestern button up to quarter zip vest, I decided to look through the sweaters.

I eventually came across a cable knit sweater in forest green and knew it was the one. Not only is it my favorite color, but it looked great combined with the pants and sneakers.

The outfit I created was a combination of classics, but defied classic fashion rules. Combining sneakers with slacks has become popular in recent years and I was happy to utilize the fashion trend. The sweater fit well and proved to be the focal point of the ‘fit. It was intriguing and offset the slim fitting slacks perfectly.

While it is slightly out of my wheelhouse, I would definitely wear this outfit outside of the challenge. It is perfect attire for going to classes or just doing day-to-day activities in the fall Flagstaff weather.