After more than four years since the shooting on NAU's campus left three injured and one dead, the shooter was sentenced to six years in prison. Steven Jones took a plea deal last month that negated the need for a second trial, after the first one ended with a hung jury more than two years ago.


.@NAU plans to return to face-to-face instruction Aug. 31. With the NAUFlex model in place, students have the option of whether or not to return, a choice many faculty have not been granted.


Mayoral candidates Jamie Whelan, Charlie Odegaard and Paul Deasy convened at KAFF Radio Wednesday evening for a radio broadcast debate, which covered topics such as housing, economics, Black Lives Matter and parks and recreation.


After receiving push back and potential lawsuits from universities across the country, the Trump administration has decided to rescind the recent ICE order that would have resulted in the deportation of international students.

"Moving forward as the NAU Administration has currently planned will have catastrophic consequences for the health of everyone connected to NAU," the @UUNAAFT said in a statement released July 8.

Being awarded the #FlinnBrown Fellowship from the @FlinnFoundation is an honor that countless civic leaders within Arizona strive to achieve each year. This year it has been awarded to one of NAU's own, @DanielPalm.

Questions regarding the return to @NAU have been prominent among students since the start of #COVID19. However, international students (@cienau) share much more dire concerns like when they will be able to see their families again.


American employers cannot discriminate against workers because of sexual orientation or identity, the Supreme Court ruled June 15, as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 federally protects all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The @CityofFlagstaff met via video call on Tuesday and Wednesday to consider numerous agenda items, ranging from the potential renaming of Agassiz Street and the adoption of the budget for next fiscal year.


In recent weeks the @FlagstaffMall has been under construction as the JCPenny west-wing area of the center undergoes changes to include a more community-like atmosphere

President Rita Cheng (@NAUPresident) and her executive team released a formal email statement early Thursday afternoon, outlining a comprehensive plan for resuming in-person classes while abiding to appropriatrit safety protocols.

How is @NAU adapting to new challenges amid the #COVID19 pandemic? You have questions, we’re searching for answers.

The @CityofFlagstaff met via video call Tuesday to discuss and vote on a potential reentry plan for the city with expert guidance from Co-Director of @TGen North Dr. David Engelthaler.

From dorm room succulents to homegrown herbs and apartment ivies, my love of #plants has only grown since beginning college. Here is my point of view, as someone who has recently struck up an affinity for plants and botany in general.

Students, staff and other members of the community protested outside Flagstaff City Hall early Wednesday afternoon, objecting NAU's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and advocating for no layoffs.

@NAUPresident Rita Cheng discussed pay cuts in a recent email to @NAU faculty, including reductions to her own executive team's salaries. Cheng also relayed the university's current financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year to address enrollment shortfalls related to the #COVID-19 pandemic.