“We’re here today because as graduate workers, we’re really at this interesting intersection of being both students and employees,” full-time student and instructor Stacy Clark said.

Lowell Observatory (@LowellObs) has gradually reopened after COVID-19 closure. Flagstaff tourists and locals are slowly being welcomed back to a post-quarantine experience.


 In the wake of the #COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor dining is changing how local restaurants do business and how the downtown community operates as a whole.

As social distancing and quarantining gripped the nation in March, the United States Census Bureau was forced to adjust its operations. However, the purpose stayed the same, even with these confusions and changes. 

In an email from the Office of the President, Rita Cheng announced spring 2020 commencement is officially canceled and fall commencement will be held virtually on Nov. 22.


@NAU began offering in-person classes to students on Aug. 31, which generated varying opinions between both students and professors. 

.@NAUPresident Rita Cheng has announced that she will not extend her contract with @NAU and will be leaving the university leadership starting in June 2021. The Arizona Board of Regents (@AZRegents) also weighed in on Cheng’s announcement.

Bus lines like @FlixBus recently began providing affordable, long-distance travel for college students. Flixbus has added a stop close to the NAU campus to provide a simpler way for students to travel.

With online classes and remote learning becoming the new normal for @NAU, many have been challenged by finding jobs and facing the frontlines of #COVID-19.

The former Instagram account named “asu_covid.parties” falsely alleged a partnership with Teva Pharmaceuticals, the distribution of hydrochloroquine and the use of a consulate in Tempe, according to a lawsuit filed by ASU and ABOR.

Harkins Theatres reopened their doors Friday. Face coverings, enhanced sanitation provisions and staggered showtimes are a few of the safety measures that will be implemented.

As @NAU students return to Flagstaff by the hundreds, a question on the minds of many local activists is the potential for increased protests, such as those led by @NAU_BSU and thw @NAUYoungDems this summer. 

With in-person classes starting in less than three weeks, university housing is facing a new normal in terms of keeping on-campus residents safe during the pandemic, especially when students test positive.