Multiple social media platforms such as .@Twitter, .@Instagram and .@YouTube have recently restricted President Trump’s access to personal accounts. This has resulted in an outcry from countless citizens who claim these restrictions infringe on the freedom of speech.

Between vaccine rollouts, a declared housing crisis and new plans for the city, the new year should be an eventful one for Flagstaff.


President-elect Joe Biden surpassed incumbent candidate Donald Trump in electoral votes to win the 2020 presidential election. After the loss, Trump came forth with allegations of voter fraud that have created fear and continued chaos in the U.S.

As the airline industry continues to see financial hardships inflicted by the pandemic, the future of local airports is currently unknown as airlines find ways to avoid bankruptcy.

Various sources including the Associated Press have called Joe Biden as president-elect of the United States. This news has led to a range of responses from NAU students. 

The #Sharpiegate conspiracy within Arizona was put to rest by local election officials, and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (@SecretaryHobbs) aimed to reassure voters.



Paul Deasy has been elected as the next Flagstaff Mayor and plans to work on a new direction for Flagstaff. Deasy said he hopes to involve the community much more in council decisions.


Unlike 2016, the majority of Arizona voters decided to vote in favor of #Proposition207  — the legalization of recreational marijuana. Over 2 million people voted on the initiative.