A breakdown of what your fees do

From tuition, parking passes and housing, students can pay thousands of dollars every year to attend college. However, NAU has a series of additional fees to keep the campus running and to provide services for students.

Read the fee breakdown below to find out where the fees are going and how to get the most out of what you’re paying for. After all, you’re paying anywhere from $513 to $662 total in fees every semester.

The highest out of the eight fees, the Health and Recreation Fee goes towards various facilities and services around campus. From group-fitness classes, mental health services and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, this fee supports healthy lifestyle choices for NAU students.

The Green Fee, introduced in 2010, was made to “promote student participation in and provide funding for projects that reduce NAU’s negative impact on the environment and create a culture of sustainability,” according to the NAU website.

Since its inception, it has funded around 50 projects, such as installing LED lighting around campus and supporting the annual NAU Earth Week.

The Arizona Legislature House passed Bill 2144 in 1989, creating the Financial Aid Trust Fee, which requires all students to pay a fee to support other students in need. The cost of the fee varies on how many credits a student is enrolled in.

The Associated Students of Northern Arizona University, (ASNAU) is a program on campus that provides various events and services, like extended library hours, guest speakers and funding student organizations. The ASNAU Fee supports ASNAU’s operational budget.

The Information Technology Fee supports the technological needs of students by funding a myriad of technologies around campus. Like the Financial Aid Trust fee, the cost of this fee varies depending on how many credits a student is enrolled in.

Newly added in Fall 2018, the Athletics Fee supports athletics on campus, funding facilities, services and various operations.

The Student Activity Fee goes toward various programs and activities on campus, like providing free admission to the Wall Aquatic Center and supporting the SafeRide program, a service that shuttles students from downtown Flagstaff to the NAU campus Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The Transportation Fee supports everything transportation related on campus, this includes shuttle services, bike registration and signs for bike paths. However, not every student needs to pay this fee.

Students who purchase a parking permit will be reimbursed the $75 charge, and students meeting certain requirements can fill out a Transportation Fee waiver form to be exempted from the fee.