A Flagstaff In-N-Out is on its way

In-N-Out has submitted plans for a Flagstaff location on South Milton Road, Oct. 22. 

After many years and rumors, In-N-Out Burger has at last submitted concept plans to the city of Flagstaff to open a new branch of the fast-food chain. The California-based burger chain has made plans to set up shop at 1860 S. Milton Road in Flagstaff, according to the Arizona Daily Sun. 

In 2016, In-N-Out sent a letter of interest to Flagstaff’s then Mayor Jerry Nabours, and plans have ensued ever since. Originally, the new In-N-Out was supposed to share a lot with the Pizza Hut that already occupied the location. However, following the closure of the South Milton Pizza Hut, the building was demolished with the burger chain looking to take its place. 

Despite the many years of planning, In-N-Out Vice President of Real Estate & Development Carl Arena said in an interview with the Arizona Daily Sun that the project is still in its earliest stages in terms of design and layout. Since the building is still in such early stages of development, Arena was unable to provide an estimate for when the restaurant may begin construction or open to the public. 

“We do know that Flagstaff is a fantastic community, and we definitely look forward to serving customers there in the future,” Arena said to The Daily Sun.

The new location will also provide NAU students with another nearby fast-food restaurant that is easily accessible to them. The opening of a Flagstaff In-N-Out in the near future created much excitement among NAU students, especially those who are used to having their favorite burger joint on standby. Freshman Grant Gibson said he cannot wait for Flagstaff to get its very own In-N-Out because it is by far his favorite fast food restaurant. Sophomore Melissa Galhotra said she is extremely excited for the chain to hit Flagstaff because she won’t have to travel so far to get her favorite combo anymore.

“I’m excited for In-N-Out to come to Flagstaff because it’s hands down my favorite fast-food chain, but I can only get it when I’m in the Phoenix area,” Galhotra said. “I’m happy I won’t have to travel far anymore to get a #2 Animal Style!”

Currently, the closest In-N-Out location to Flagstaff locals and NAU students is in Prescott, Arizona. It is safe to say many locals and students will be lining up to get their combo meals and pink lemonades once a Flagstaff In-N-Out opens its doors.