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In a press release, Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Chair Larry E. Penley appointed Regents Lyndel Manson and Fred DuVal as co-chairs of the ABOR Search Advisory Committee for the next NAU president, with advisory committee members to be selected at a later date. 

Penley expressed confidence that both Manson and DuVal's leadership will lead to a successful search for NAU’s next president. 

“I am confident that Regents Manson and DuVal will be outstanding leaders of the search advisory committee and believe their commitment to NAU and Northern Arizona will be tremendous assets as we begin this important search process,” Penley said. “I extend my sincere appreciation to them and am confident they will devote the time necessary for a successful search.”

The board announced as part of the search process, NAU stakeholders — students, faculty, staff, residents and the general public, along with community, business and tribal leaders — are invited to participate in sharing their vision on NAU’s future. 

Similarly, Penley noted that he expects the committee to begin listening to NAU stakeholders in the coming days. 

“Widespread conversations with the many NAU constituents will be an essential part of this search process and will help us guide the future of this honored and important university, as well as shape the list of qualifications and characteristics the board seeks in the next president of NAU,”  Penley said. “The insights and feedback from constituents and the board will ultimately inform and contribute to the future success of NAU. I expect them to begin in the next [few] days.”

In the days ahead, Penley said ABOR will take the next steps in the search process, including issuing a request for proposals for a national firm to conduct the search, establishing a search advisory committee and adopting search guidelines. 

Moreover, Penley encouraged constituents to share their vision for NAU with ABOR by sending comments to throughout the search process.