The Airport Master Plan was initiated by Flagstaff's City Council and it gives a layout of the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport’s needs and possible improvements over the next 20 years.

The plan will coordinate with a planning advisory committee (PAC) that consists of government representatives, airport users, tenants and local community representatives to ensure the everyone's airport needs are met.

Stacey Brechler-Knaggs, grants and contracts manager for the City of Flagstaff, explained why Flagstaff needed direction about what to do.

“The master plan is a critical document to provide the framework needed to guide future development of the airport," said Brechler-Knaggs.

She also broke down different phases of the plan.

"This is a comprehensive study of the Flagstaff Airport which describes the short, medium, long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand."

Airport Director Barney Helmick explained some of the other things that the plan gives the Flagstaff airport besides guidelines for future expansion.

“There are additional things that the plan does to justify the two-year project list," said Helmick. "This includes a projected growth in key factors such as passenger enplanements, aircraft operations [an aircraft operation is one landing or one take off] on a 20-year growth chart.”

Helmick believed the plan itself is of great benefit to Flagstaff just for the fact it gives the city a 20-year outlook for airport growth.

“This plan will provide Flagstaff Airport with a extensive overview of the airport's need over the next 20-year time period, including a preferred development plan, costs for this development and a clear plan of action," Helmick said.

The Master Plan currently outlines ideas for a taxiway extension on the east side of the airfield, a new runway, possible airfield lighting upgrades, passenger terminal building upgrades, terminal area vehicle parking expansion and construction of a rental car preparation center.

The taxiway extension would allow for future aviation development potential in the east area of the Flagstaff airport. The airfield lighting upgrades would consist of replacing the incandescent airfield lighting and signage system with LED technology.

The rental car preparation center would be next to the north side of the expanded terminal vehicle parking lot. The apron expansion would be on the north side of the commercial service parking apron.

The plan also entails for a construction of airport maintenance and snow removal equipment just north of the aircraft rescue and firefighting facility. It is expressed that on the west and east sides of the airport those areas could be utilized for non-aviation development.

Other upgrades include aircraft parking apron expansion, a construction of an airport maintenance and snow removal equipment facility, potential development of the east side and a potential development of non-aviation.

While City Council initiated the creation of the plan, it is being prepared by Coffman Associates, Inc., an airport consulting firm that works in planning, environmental and land use studies.

Helmick further explained the plan is actually required by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA).

“This [the plan] is also required by the FAA to be updated every 5-7 years. The information goes into the National Plan of Integrated Airports to assist with budgeting for AIP [Airport Improvement Program] funding.”

Brechler-Knaggs explained the funding for the creation of the plan itself was actually coming from many places.

“The master plan update is being funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, AZ Department of Transportation, Aeronautics and the City of Flagstaff," Brechler-Knaggs said. "The security upgrades are being funded by the City of Flagstaff, Airports Division.”

The FAA is also mandating some security changes for Pulliam. As for the upgrades being put in place, Helmick expressed that when it comes to what they are doing in regards to security upgrades, they are not allowed to discuss it. The information is considered security sensitive, however, he did give a brief description.

“In short, we are putting in a new access control system," Helmick said.

As Flagstaff continues to grow, the city workers overseeing the airport are preparing to make sure it's ready to handle the growing population's travel needs in the future.