Developing Story

A man jumped off of the overpass at Fourth Street Wednesday night at 5:08 p.m., resulting in a fatal landing on Interstate 40 as a semi-truck hit him on the way down. According to Officer Cory Runge, the victim was identified as 22-year-old Logan Flake and was pronounced dead at the scene after life-saving practices were attempted.

“Our initial investigation indicates that it is likely a suicide,” said Runge.

Runge added that Flake climbed over the fencing on the overpass, which is there to prevent these situations, and positioned himself over the middle of the I-40. Flake ignored the pleas and warnings of witnesses as he fell to his death and into oncoming traffic.

According to Runge, Flagstaff police discovered a suicide note on the body and later questioned the truck driver, concluding that he had no intent of hitting Flake. Runge said that due to the incident, traffic headed westbound on the I-40 was closed and routed to Country Club. After one hour, one lane was opened to allow traffic flow to continue on the I-40.

“This is an ongoing investigation pending confirmation from the medical examiner's office, they determine the cause and manner of death,” Runge said.

He adds that police are working with the Department of Public Safety as they investigate the specifics of the collision. DPS declined to comment.