Day three of the Museum Fire and still zero percent containment

Operation Director Todd Abel, alongside an American Sign Language translator share with media members at Fort Tuthill County Park their plan of attack for the Museum Fire, July 23, 2019.

On July 22 at 6 p.m. the Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team (IMT) took control of the 1,800-acre fire known as the Museum Fire.

When arriving on the scene, IMT was appreciative of the work that the local type three team did on the fire.

As for today, IMT has dedicated these next roughly 12 hours of daylight to scouting. Their main priority is to protect values at risk, this includes homes, residents, watershed, power lines and pipelines. They are continuing their efforts in keeping the fire north of the roads and trail systems on the south end of the fire.

"The other thing we are looking at for the next few days, is if we can keep this fire as small as possible, we're going to look at opportunities to get a little tighter on that fire," said Operations Chief Todd Abel.

In terms of the last couple of days, according to Abel, the fire behavior in correlation to the winds, temperatures and the fuel conditions (Ponderosa pine) has been intense.

Regarding the evacuation that took place last night for the neighborhoods in the Mount Elden lookout area, IMT said as of now, those homes are not in danger.

"The reason we went to that 'Go' in that area was because for public safety and for firefighter safety, to get those folks out of the way so we can be in there doing our work," Abel said.

A resource for the public is the 6 p.m. meeting that will be held by IMT at Flagstaff High School later this evening.

For those who would like to stay up to date with the Museum Fire, IMT strongly encourages the use of InciWeb. This is where all real-time updates can be found as they become available.