The Flagstaff Community Farmer’s Market changed its policy regarding dogs. As od Sunday, July 7, dogs will not be allowed into the market from 9 a.m. to noon. Director for the Flagstaff Community Markets and member of Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Art Babbott said this change has been made because of previous altercations involving dogs at the Flagstaff Community Farmer’s Market.

“Well behaved, short leashed dogs will only be allowed into the market from 8 to 9 a.m.,” Babbott said. “No dogs will be allowed in the market after that when it gets busier from 9 a.m. to noon.”

Babbott said the community should know that by restricting the time dogs are allowed into the farmer’s market instead of not welcoming dogs altogether, the Flagstaff Community Farmer’s Market is serving the interests of as many people as it can while promoting more safety during the busier hours. To ensure these new hours are not a surprise to dog owners who frequent the Flagstaff Community Farmer’s Market, the change has been advertised well before it will take place.

“We tried to advertise the change with signs and updates on media to ensure the community is aware of the new hours dogs are allowed into the market,” Babbott said.

Babbott said like before, dogs and owners will still be able to enjoy the farmer’s market but now only during less busy hours, when the market will be less hectic. Though as always, vested service dogs will be welcome in the market all hours.