Flagstaff mall

An overlook from Mt. Elden shows the east edge of Flagstaff near the mall. Bryan Kinkade / The Lumberjack

The Flagstaff Mall has recently undergone construction as new developments of the center aim to deliver a more community-focused experience.

With the remodel set to be completed in the fall, the enhancements of food and beverage tenants and stores will add to the shopping center's mission of regrowing community involvement.

The Flagstaff Mall is an enclosed shopping center that includes numerous stores and a food court that can seat more than 200 patrons. It was developed in 1979 and was last renovated in 2007. Thirteen years later, the mall undergoes another remodel.

Managing Director of Flagstaff Mall Kirk Williams said the purpose of the mall’s remodel is to bring a more local, communal experience to the property through entertainment, food and beverages. Williams said with a reduction in retail space, he expects it can be replaced with activate and energized family entertainment.

The project focuses on redeveloping the west-wing area of the center to include more entertainment and dining experiences for all ages. Hobby Lobby will be replacing Sears, Williams said, and the newly opened Starbucks will be located on Highway 89 as a freestanding building.

In a press release from Cypress Equities on June 1, General Manager of Flagstaff Mall Bonnie Bouschet said it is critical for change to occur at the center, but the change will not affect how the mall has been providing for shoppers.

“While shopping continues to evolve, it is critical that we embrace our changing times while maintaining a great place to shop and connect with friends and family,” Bouschet said. “This will also enable us to put on more community events, bringing additional excitement.”

Specifics on the entertainment and activities provided such as what type of entertainment and activities featured is planned to be revealed at a later date. Williams said the goal of the entertainment will be to begin community involvement with seasonal events.

The city of Flagstaff prides itself on its local business, and Williams said the Flagstaff Mall will continue to aide in the local sector. With the goal to create a more community-like atmosphere, Williams said local businesses will continue to work alongside the new and improved shopping center.

“We firmly believe that the success of Flagstaff Mall will be directly correlated with the continued growth of the local shopping and dining experience at the property,” Williams said.

Williams said those looking to become part of the center's new opportunities can reach out to Michael Wheat at Cypress Equities. Job availabilities are to be released at a later date.

With the renovation of the mall during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Flagstaff Mall will continue to follow all federal, state and local mandates regarding health matters. COVID-19 updates can be found on the Flagstaff Mall website.