The Galaxy Diner closed its doors due to unconfirmed circumstances Aug. 2. According to a notice posted on the business's door, "the Landlord has no intention of asserting its landlord's lien against the property of any party in bankruptcy, or any party not a tenant, subtenant or assignee under the Lease Agreement, and upon proper proof of ownership, will relinquish possession of such property."

Former Galaxy Diner employee Kyle Openshaw openly shared his experience with working in the diner and how the environment positively impacted his life.

"On the weekends, the guys would dress up in jeans and a white T-shirt, and the girls all wore poodle skirts," Openshaw said. "It was more fun than working in a more casual restaurant."

It is important for businesses to not only be appealing to their consumers but to their employees as well. Galaxy Diner allowed Openshaw to make lifelong friendships even after he no longer worked for the diner.

"[My experience at Galaxy Diner] is a huge part of what made me, it was unlike some of my friend's jobs because I was super close with my boss and super close with my coworkers," Openshaw said.

Openshaw also added that the employees of the chain were unaware of the business's closure and were not informed until a week prior. Management themselves were also not too sure what to anticipate for the business's future.

The Galaxy Diner's unexpected closure did not only impact employees of the franchise but also carried a significant amount of meaning to many Flagstaff locals and regular customers. Many who have traveled and considered themselves tourists may have noticed that every city has its own local and unique restaurant cherished by the community. For Flagstaff, Galaxy Diner embraced both roles.

NAU alumnus and academic adviser Collin Pullum, shared his story and experiences at the Galaxy Diner throughout his five years residing in Flagstaff. Pullum said his time at Galaxy Diner heightened his overall college experience.

"I would have lots of family from Austria visit in Flagstaff," Pullum said. "[Galaxy Diner] was one of the locations I would take them to where they could get a very retro and American experience."

Pullum said the closing almost takes away a part of Flagstaff's unique culture.

Although the traditions of Galaxy Diner can no longer be shared for future students or residents, the iconic poodle skirts and milkshake flavors can forever be a cherished memory to the Flagstaff community.