As summer approaches, a press release from the City of Flagstaff outlined the plan to enter Stage Two fire restrictions. According to the announcement from city Communications Manager Jessica Drum, this enforcement is designed to reduce the risk of wildfires and to lower the impacts of emergency response following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transition from Stage One to Stage Two will be completed at 5 p.m. Friday, and city officials are cooperating with local, county, state and federal fire management agencies to assist in this effort across jurisdictions.

Stage Two fire restrictions introduce three new rules. Charcoal grills are prohibited across the city; smoking is forbidden in city parks and along the Flagstaff Urban Trail System; and portable propane devices are also barred from parks.

However, the press release stated that personal gas stoves with on- and off-switches are allowed in parks — only propane is banned.

In addition to the new regulations established by Stage Two, all five stipulations from Stage One are still enforced. These rules include the ban of open fire pits within city limits, along with the temporary stoppage of issuing open burn permits. More details regarding all four stages are referenced on the City of Flagstaff’s website.

While these restrictions are imposed, local law enforcement will also refine its strategies.

“The Flagstaff Police Department is expanding its patrol efforts in and around the community,” the press release stated. “Please help us keep our community and forests safe by following all bans and restrictions.”