Footage of officer involved shooting released

Photo courtesy of Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Officer Nick Rubey was in a confrontation involving 52-year-old Matthew Dearing, who had a warrant for his arrest. On April 8 around 4:07 p.m., Rubey met Dearing, who was riding a bike, in the 2100 block of E Route 66.

Rubey informed Dearing that he was under arrest and reached to grab his hand. Dearing resisted the officer and was sprayed with pepper spray as a result. Dearing then retaliated against the officer by pulling out his own pepper spray and using it on Rubey. Consequently, Rubey shot Dearing in the neck.

After Dearing fell to the ground, Rubey began giving him medical treatment. Officer Devries arrived on the scene and began helping Dearing as well. Dearing was transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center and is receiving medical treatment for his injury.

Rubey has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation proceeds. Charges against Dearing are pending as well.

Body cam footage of the incident can be found here.