Bomb threat evacuates two dormitories


Students in Campus Heights Apartments and McKay Village were evacuated after Flagstaff Police Department (FPD) dispatch received a bomb threat early Tuesday morning.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, an unidentified subject called at 2:52 a.m., specifically asking for a favor and money before informing authorities that they had planted a device near Campus Heights Apartments.

Although most NAU students relocated after the university transitioned to online coursework, around 120 residents evacuated from Campus Heights Apartments and McKay Village after receiving emergency notifications from NAU Alert.

Upon evacuating, these students were asked to remain in the Honors College, Wilson, Reilly and Allen halls — all dormitories safely distanced from the scene. NAU and local authorities investigated for at least three hours, according to the Arizona Daily Sun, before allowing students to return after 6 a.m.

NAUPD discovered a "suspicious looking object" in a drain pipe near Campus Heights Apartments and McKay Village, and FPD's bomb squad also arrived to offer assistance. Charles Hernandez, spokesperson for the police department, said the device looked like a propane tank.

A robot was used to remove the object, and shortly thereafter, authorities determined that it was not an explosive device. NAUPD is currently looking into the source of the phone call, and the investigation is ongoing.