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According to the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) website, school is canceled tomorrow, Sept. 5. A recent cybersecurity issue has prevented FUSD schools from operating normally, and the decision was made to cancel school. Other FUSD programs including FACTS, childcare centers and preschools are also closed Thursday. Additionally, all after-school activities will be canceled, including clubs, sports and meetings. FUSD students at Camp Colton, located near Arizona Snowbowl, will remain at camp according to schedule.

As of Wednesday night, the school schedule for Sept. 6 is undecided. According to FUSD, additional information will be shared Thursday.

Other nonpublic schools in Flagstaff are still planning to run. Northland Preparatory Academy (NPA), is a public charter high school that operates separately from FUSD. According to a text sent to all students and parents, NPA will remain open Sept. 5.

District officials are continuing to investigate, and additional updates will be provided as they are available.