Gordon Bonan, a scientist for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), visited and spoke at NAU on Earth Day, April 22. He discussed Earth's various climate systems and spoke about the scientific models that are used to paint a clearer picture of rapid global climate change.

Bonan spent much of his time discussing the methods by which climate data is collected and compiled into scientific models.

When asked about the importance of the seminar, Bonan said he hoped it would be educational and effective in getting others to care about the environment.

"What I want this seminar to do is change the way people learn about the environment," Bonan said. "I want to integrate all of these different ecological sciences together in order to form a better understanding of the Earth as a system — as a whole."

Bonan spoke about the incongruity between some climate models. He said he believes climate data should be shared universally among all branches of the ecological sciences

Environmental sustainability major Victoria Hess said she attended the seminar due to her interest in the ecological sciences. Hess said she agreed with Bonan's claim that there should be more collaboration between scientists when it comes to gathering climate data.

"I mainly attended due to my major. But I also think it's very important to learn how these systems work in order to better our Earth and fix the problem of global warming," Hess said. "There needs to be clarity between all of these ecological sciences in order to unify the field."

More information about Bonan and his research is available on the NCAR's website.