Mayor Evans to run for Arizona State House

Mayor Coral Evans listens to Juliana Suby during the Flagstaff City Council meeting April 2, 2019. Suby expressed her concern over a proposal to construct a cell tower near Trinity Heights Methodist Church, citing negative health effects from waves emitted by the tower. (Photo by Jack Mehl)

On Saturday, June 1, Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans announced her candidacy for Arizona State House.

Mayor Evans has been a fixture of the local government for over 10 years. She has always valued the community of Flagstaff and preserving the rich history Flagstaff has. She first entered city council after the city attempted to sell a community center. She was the one who helped preserve the Murdoch Community Center.

Mayor Evans is a fourth generation Northern Arizona resident and thanks the community for all that it has taught her.

“Whether it be vacation rentals, plastic pollution, or vaping regulations, whenever a corporation feels threatened by rural initiatives they run to their friends in Phoenix and politicians promptly pass a law taking away local power,” said Evans.

Evans is hoping to bring that power back to the people in her campaign. She promises to make education the center of her platform. Evans hopes to bring funding up for Arizona education and reinforce the workforce, saying that Arizona runs on local businesses and right now, we are failing.

Evans also strives to preserve rural communities like Flagstaff.

“We know what’s best for our communities, Phoenix politicians don’t,” said Evans.

Mayor Evans claims that her time as a citizen, city councilwoman and mayor will all help her to make the best decisions not only for Flagstaff but for Arizona as a whole.