Mormon Lake Hotshots aiding in the California wildfires

Mormon Lake Hotshots are working on the Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles, California, according to KAFF News. Flagstaff hotshots were actively working on the Creek fire northeast of Fresno, California as of Sept. 14.

The Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles, California has burned more than 100,000 acres since Sept. 6 and is officially Los Angeles County's largest wildfire, according to The Guardian.  It is the largest of 27 different wildfires currently burning in California. 

Coconino National Forest retweeted on its Twitter page the Mormon Lake Hotshots who were featured on the @SoCalFirePhoto account. 

"Out on the line yesterday in Monrovia Canyon Park with the men and women of the Mormon Lake Hotshots from Flagstaff, AZ defending the city from the relentless Bobcat fire," the tweet read. 

The Los Angeles Times featured the Blue Ridge Hotshots and the Mormon Lake Hotshots in a photo gallery. Mormon Lake Hotshot Jessy Twins was among the firefighters photographed. Mormon Lake Hotshot Sara Sweeney was photographed in a CBS Los Angeles Times article using a drip torch to set a backfire

According to an update from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the Bobcat Fire was 15% contained as of Monday.