NAU’s enrollment is at 28,383 students. Broken down by classes the enrollment is: 5,043 freshmen, 4,911 sophomores, 6,096 juniors and 8,120 seniors. However, this number continues to rise each spring semester compared to previous years.

NAU spokesperson Kimberly Ott explained that the increase for enrollment and graduation rates for NAU stemmed from shortages in the Arizona workforce.

“The future of Arizona’s economy depends heavily on attendance and completion of a higher education degree,” said Ott.

This rise in enrollment has also brought an increase of degree-seeking students at NAU. According to the NAU enrollment data report for Spring 2018, there were 18,478 students seeking a bachelor’s degree and 989 going for their master’s degree.

There were also 554 students seeking doctoral degrees and 57 who were undecided at NAU.

In NAU’s 2016 annual report on wages earned by university system graduates, there were varying amounts. NAU’s median wage was $13,132 and UA’s was $21,063 throughout the same time. The median wage for recent ASU graduates from the 2010-2011 school year through the 2014-2015 school year was $15,871.