Police Beat

Aug. 27

At 7:30 a.m., an officer reported that a semi-truck was blocking the roadway near the Skydome. An NAUPD officer responded and the vehicle was moved.

At 11:08 a.m., a student near the college of Social and Behavioral Sciences called to report her dog missing. NAUPD officers responded to the scene and provided assistance.

At 12:17 p.m., an NAUPD officer came into contact with a skateboarder who had been riding in the roadway near Beaver and McCreary. The officer responded and gave a verbal warning to the skater informing them they were not allowed to skateboard in the street.

Aug. 28

At 1:10 a.m., a parent called to request a check on their student with whom they had been on the phone only an hour earlier when the call cut off. NAUPD officers responded to University Union east to find the student in good health in their dorm room.

At 9:35 a.m., a student called from outside Peterson Hall to report finding a lost dog. An NAUPD officer responded and took the dog to a local shelter.

At 1:23 p.m., an NAUPD officer reported discovering a license plate that had fallen off of a vehicle in the San Francisco parking garage. NAUPD contacted the owner and the license plate has since been returned.

At 3:50 p.m., an RA from Gabaldon Hall called to report an odor of marijuana. An NAUPD officer responded to the scene and one student was given an administrative referral for violation of the student code of conduct. The student was in possession of a valid Arizona medical marijuana card and agreed to remove the marijuana from campus.

Aug. 29

At 8:54 a.m., a Drury Inn staff member called to report finding a chainsaw near the inn grounds. An NAUPD officer responded to retrieve the item and returned it to NAU’s grounds department.

At 7:09 p.m., an NAU staff member called to report that a student had fallen from the rock climbing wall in the Health and Learning Center. The Flagstaff Fire Department (FFD), Guardian Medical Transport (GMT) and NAUPD responded to the scene and the student was transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC).

At 10:56 p.m., during a foot patrol an NAUPD officer discovered two students using marijuana on the corner of San Francisco and McConnell. Additional NAUPD officers responded to the scene and served criminal deferrals for possession of marijuana.

Aug. 30

At 8:49 a.m., 10 students entered the NAUPD office to request to take a photo with an officer. An NAUPD officer provided assistance and posed.

At 10:05 a.m., an NAU staff member called from the Liberal Arts building to report a student feeling faint. FFD, GMT and an NAUPD officer responded and offered the student transport to FMC, but the student declined.

At 10:25 p.m. a staff member in Reilly Hall called to report the smell of marijuana. An NAUPD officer responded but no odor was present upon their arrival and no marijuana was located.

At 11:32 p.m., at the Roseberry Apartments the fire alarm was activated to which FFD and NAUPD responded. Upon arrival, no fire was found and it was discovered that the alarm had been set off by burnt food.

Aug. 31

At 10:04 a.m., a staff member in McDonald Hall called to report a theft of couch cushions. NAUPD responded and took a report. However the cushions have yet to be located, leaving the couch quite uncomfortable.

At 5:46 p.m., a staff member at McKay Village called to report that several fire extinguishers had been discharged for no reason. NAUPD responded to the scene and took a report. The McKay Village hall staff also notified Fire Life Safety.

Sept. 1

At 2:06 a.m., an NAUPD officer reported a vehicle parked in a wooded area on the corner of Lone Tree and Zuni. The officer informed the driver that no camping is permitted in the area. The driver left and no citations were given.

At 10:30 p.m. an NAUPD officer on patrol in the San Francisco parking garage reported being with an intoxicated student. FFD, GMT and an additional NAUPD officer responded to the scene to provide medical transport. The student refused transport to FMC and was given a criminal deferral for underaged consumption of alcohol.