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Shadrick Junell Crowder drove the wrong way on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 following a routine inspection. During the incident Friday, police fired to stop Crowder's vehicle, which was traveling in the wrong direction at the time of the shooting.

Crowder sustained gunshot wounds and was transported to Flagstaff Medical Center Friday morning. He has since been booked into Coconino County Jail, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS).

Crowder is being held on charges of attempted first-degree murder, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of narcotic drugs for sale, transportation of narcotic drugs for sale, unlawful flight, endangerment, aggravated assault and conspiracy.

Another occupant in the vehicle, 55-year-old Robert Allen Owens Jr., was also booked into the county jail on charges of possession.

The altercation began with a standard commercial vehicle inspection. Before the traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle allegedly tossed a package out the window and into the median. Police later found it contained a "powdery substance," according to AZDPS.

During the inspection, Crowder stepped back into the vehicle and attempted to drive away.

"The suspect’s dangerous actions immediately placed the lives of the motoring public and pursuing troopers in peril," according to an AZPDS statement.

A state trooper positioned himself on the Walnut Canyon Road overpass and was able to prevent Crowder from further endangering oncoming cars as he approached the overpass. The truck collided with another commercial vehicle before coming to a complete stop.

No troopers were injured during the incident.