The United States Supreme Court declined to review a ban on the filing of new mining claims around the Grand Canyon on Sept. 24, but environmentalists said they are keeping a close eye on actions by the Trump administration they fear could lead to a reversal of the ban.

Continental Country Club residents are fighting with each other, with some wanting City Council to remove an ordinance they argue is useless so they can feed deer and elk in their neighborhood unimpeded, while the others argue it isn't enforced enough and the feeding creates safety hazards.


Over 200 demonstrators stood outside Flagstaff City Hall to protest the Coconino County Sheriff's Office cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following the ICE raids conducted in Flagstaff at the end of August.


Once again, it will be up to voters in Flagstaff to decide what the minimum wage should be, as Proposition 418, also known as the Sustainable Wages Act, seeks to change the minimum wage if approved by voters in November.

Advocates both for and against Proposition 126 explain why they choose to support or oppose the possible amendment to the state constitution, which will prevent legislators from creating new taxes on services within Arizona.

The new 2018-2019 flu vaccine is now available throughout Coconino County. NAU had just received the vaccine earlier this week and there are multiple resources available for students and Flagstaff locals.

While firefighters have now been working since July 28 to contain and take away fuel sources for the Platypus Fire in the Coconino National Forest, officials and firefighters in the Kaibab National Forest are allowing the Perkins fire to burn to help the ecosystem.


A litany of initiatives and propositions will be on the ballot for voters to decide on in November, but three propositions in particular are taking center stage.


NextGen America is holding a voter registration drive across Arizona at all state universities, community colleges and other institutions of higher learning in an effort to get people between the ages of 18 and 35 voting. 


Immigrations and Customs Enforcement conducted raids in both Flagstaff and Sedona yesterday, attempting to arrest 12 undocumented individuals.


Local Arizona sportsman groups have created a petition to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to ask him to keep the current withdrawal on Grand Canyon land to prevent any new uranium mining following the DOI adding uranium to the critical minerals list.


Flagstaff businesses help lead the fight here against plastic waste by encouraging shoppers and restaurant goers to use compostable or reusable products instead of disposable plastic ones. 


Gov. Doug Ducey passed a new legislative law in January in an effort to restrict opioid prescriptions in hopes of decreasing addiction. Since then new treatment options have opened and law enforcement officials have seized 300 pounds of heroin. 

The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled that DACA students could no longer receive in-state tuition without full residency in the United States, leaving many wondering if they will be able to continue their education. 

Petitioners are out canvassing in Flagstaff and Coconino County hoping to get voters to sign their petitions April 12.

After two years as mayor, Coral Evans supports changes in housing and monitoring growth in Flagstaff. But 2016 contributions might reveal a startling lack of financial support from students in Flagstaff.

Rep. Bob Thorpe has proposed HB 2398, which sets up after-school volunteer programs in Arizona schools dedicated to educating kids grades 5-12 on the health effects and risks of marijuana, prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Amid an ongoing lawsuit from the Office of the Attorney General and a new proposed House Bill threatening to dismantle the organization, Arizona Board of Regents President Eileen Klein announced her intention to resign in June. 

Flagstaff, and many other charter cities in Arizona like Phoenix, Tucson and Tempe, might soon have their local election schedules on the chopping block. A state bill would force cities to end odd-year elections if voter turnout is too low.


After two decades, the Hopi Tribe is still waiting to receive land promised to them by the federal government in 1996, and with the Navajo Generating System slated to close in 2019, the tribe needs the land in order to be able to support themselves economically.


The parents of one of the victims of the Feb. 10 Grand Canyon helicopter crash is suing Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters for neglecting to equip their aircrafts with crash-resistant fuel tanks, which they claim could have prevented their son's death.


Statistics of school and gun-related incidents reveal what many Americans are thinking — that gun control does limit incidents, even in schools. Some schools are taking actions to combat the surge of mass shootings.