Steven Jones

Steven Jones (left) looks at evidence presented by deputy county attorney Ammon Barker (right) Thursday, April 20 2017. Barker questioned Jones' eyesight during the trial.

Steven Jones, former NAU student who acknowledged firing the shots that injured three students and killed 20-year-old Colin Brough, is expected to accept a plea deal Thursday afternoon, per sources.

Richard Robertson, a private investigator working with Jones’ team, said Jones is expected to plead guilty at the Coconino Superior Court at 3:30 p.m. Robertson was unable to confirm the exact details of the change of plea, although a hearing is expected to occur Thursday afternoon to formalize the change of plea.

“Jones' party will be at the courthouse this afternoon for change in plea, although a lot can change in the coming hours,” Robertson said.

A judge recently accepted the request of prosecutors to reduce a first-degree murder charge. Jones now faces a second-degree murder charge and six counts of aggravated assault. Carrie Faultner, Coconino Superior Court Division II judicial assistant, said hearings for the retrial were expected to begin as early as January, with Jury summons expected to be sent out next week.