Strange weather for northern Arizona

Image courtesy of The Weather Channel.

Snow flurries were seen throughout northern Arizona on Wednesday. According to Flagstaff's National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Mark Stubblefield, the north rim of the Grand Canyon received the most accumulation.

"The north rim of the Grand Canyon picked up 1.3 inches of snow on Wednesday, and it was the only place with measurable amounts," Stubblefield said.

According to the NWS, the weather today was windy and frigid. The high temperature was 50 degrees, and conditions will became cloudier as the day progressed.

As the weekend approaches, stormy weather is in the forecast. According to meteorologist Stubblefield, light snowfall is expected to begin on Friday.

"There is an 80% chance of rain and snow showers on Friday, with the snow level around 6,500 feet" Stubblefield said. "The high temperature will be around 45 degrees."

Stubblefield also offered advice for people who are still planning on going outdoors.

"If anybody does go out hiking, they should be prepared to endure the elements," Stubblefield said. "If people are prepared for it to be wet, windy and cold, then they should be OK."

According to the NWS forecast, conditions will be clearer and warmer later in the weekend. The predicted high on Saturday is 54, and the temperature will increase to 62 by Sunday.

For more detailed information, click here to view the full NWS weather update.