With Campus Heights and the first floor Honors College recently assigned as new quarantine and isolation dorms, students in Campus Event Operations and Support and Campus Dining have taken on a role in assisting those students.

On Sept. 23, student workers at Campus Events Operations and Support received an email with an opportunity to pick up extra on-call shifts for those interested. The task would include transporting students to their residence within the quarantine and isolation dorms.

The first shift began Sept. 26 with a transportation schedule throughout the week from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the weekends. These student workers are required to have van certification and will use vans from University Transit Services (UTS), according to the email. Student workers are also required to keep windows down when driving if weather permits and wear a mask at all times.

Students who are transported will be appropriately distanced from the driver and will stay on opposite sides of a partition in the van, with the exception of the student worker opening the door to place belongings in the van.

According to an email sent out to student workers, the partition is a thick plastic tarp, tucked around the edges of the van and taped to the bottom, top and sides for a secured divider.

One student worker who wished to remain anonymous due to employment concerns said they chose not to partake in these extra shifts as they did not want any close contact with someone who has either tested positive for COVID-19 or is suspected to have COVID-19.

"I didn't want to put myself in a situation that would put me anywhere near them," they said. "In the event that I were to work and be near a person who may have tested positive, I wouldn't want to risk possibly being exposed to COVID-19 and then bring it back to our regular shift where I would expose other staff members and students."

With the position set as entirely voluntary, students were able to complete an online survey providing their availability. Fewer shifts and limited hours within the past few months was a possible motivation for student workers to earn some extra money with these new shifts.

After students are transported to their assigned quarantine or isolation rooms, students have the choice to sign up for a meal plan during their stay provided by Campus Dining.

An email sent out to students in quarantine or isolation rooms from Campus Dining offered students a meal delivery service that provides three meals each day. Campus Dining offers a 12-meal block for seven days at $200 or a 42-meal block for 14 days at $400.

Charges of the selected meal plan would then be applied to the student's LOUIE account. The purchased meal plan can be applied to any Campus Dining location if the student has remaining meals after quarantine or isolation.

A student food service worker at the Hot Spot, who wished to remain anonymous due to the risk of losing their job, works making meals for quarantined or isolated students at the sandwich station. All workers follow protocols required to be in the station such as passing a temperature check, proper handwashing and wearing a mask and gloves.

Students in quarantine or isolation have a standard selection of choices in their sandwiches, which once made are placed in specific to-go boxes inside a paper bag. A manager will then label bags with students' names and deliver the meals to the front desk of the quarantine and isolation dorm.

"The only people who know the specific names of people in quarantine or isolation are managers or people who are packaging the foods," the foodservice student worker said. "I don't know who I'm making the food for. There's still anonymity and we're handling guidelines very cautiously."

An updated hour of service for Campus Dining locations can be found on the Campus Dining website or through the NAUgo app.