The Standard strikes controversy with  marketing

The Standard is using a variety of approaches to attract attention.

For roughly six months, a student housing center known as The Standard Apartments has carried out a widespread marketing campaign. They have implemented several tactics to attract students when it comes to signing a lease, from handing out giveaways on social media to free food or drinks, such as Dutch Bros.

The Standard is located on Route 66 across the street from the Galaxy Diner, and the official move in day is Aug. 24.

Skylin Gallegos, a leasing ambassador for The Standard, shared details about the marketing campaign. According to Gallegos, it began toward the end of summer 2018 and the giveaways are every Thursday in the Standard lobby.

“This is just to get our name out there a little bit more, and to make people more aware of our Instagram page along with all of our other social media platforms,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos also noted that The Standard enjoys being able to give back to students.

“We like to be really involved with the students,” Gallegos said. “We sell who we are as a company. We like to be transparent with every student that comes through our office, whether that be with pricing and room availability, we don’t want to scam anyone. We aim for high quality in everything that we do, whether that’s with our marketing, our social media platforms, how we communicate to students.”

In regards to how long the giveaways will last, Gallegos strongly believes they will continue it. When the complex opens, she said they will be giving away free things in their office.

“I can’t imagine us stopping that. I’m almost positive we’ll continue to do the free giveaways,” Gallegos said.

The effectiveness of this approach has gotten mixed reviews from students. NAU freshman Irelynn Weaver said that their marketing tactics accomplish only one aspect of their goal.

“It is effective, [but] then again, it is not. They are getting the foot traffic that they want, but it is mainly people going in for the free stuff,” Weaver said.

Sophomore Ray Boukara agrees with this consensus, saying that they know people who go for the sake of free food and coffee.

“I don’t think that it is so effective because rent in Flagstaff is already high enough, and for most people here, living at The Standard is not even a feasible option,” Boukara said. “That is why most people stick with safer options, like staying on campus.”

Freshman Luis Ruiz believed that it is effective in getting more people to sign a lease because of how they are relating to the college crowd.

“These students will see how ‘hip’ it is to be living at the Standard and how it is the cool thing to do,” Ruiz said.

The Standard has financially invested in providing free food and drinks. A small drink from Dutch Bros costs around $3.50. Hypothetically, if they were to order 30 of these drinks, that would total to $105 without tax. That is $105 that they are most likely losing because not everyone is going to be signing a lease.

According to The Standard’s website, each complex comes with private bedrooms, a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a washer and dryer unit, cable and high-speed internet. They have a computer lounge and study rooms for when students need to hit the books. The Standard also has a golf simulator when students are ready to take a load off.

In addition to many amenities, The Standard also offers a range of floorpans and rent prices, suitable for different people.

According to their website, a single bedroom’s rent will be around $1,169, with a year lease totaling $14,028. As you increase the number of bedrooms, the price goes down quite significantly. This range is from around $900 to about $750.

Whether the giveaways are an effective method of growing their business is unclear. As for now, The Standard is hard at work making sure that they appeal to the younger audience, and therefore, be up to date on trends.